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  1. Selling Forums
    12 gallon nano for sale. used for fresh water plants. clean no scratches 100$ model MT-402 Has a drop in media basket. New bulbs in box (10000k and actinics). current bulbs are 6500k for the fresh water plant...
  2. Selling Forums
    I have in excellent shape a Mr Aqua 12 gallon long aquarium is 36” x 6 x 5 Tank only for $50
  3. Selling Forums
    I have in excellent shape 12 gallon rimless Mr.Aqua bookshelf aquarium (tank only) . Dimensions 36" x 8" x 9". Selling for $50
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for a small 10-12 gallon acrylic tank. Don't really care about the shape of the tank. Condition... at least want to see through it but it doesn't have to be perfect by any means. Let me know if you have anything that resembles that description even remotely. :0) Thanks in advance!!
  5. Selling Forums
    Recently took my 12 Gallon Mr Aqua (35.4" x 8.3" x 9.4") down and was going to dumpster toss because I don't have room for it. Then realized somebody might want it. Needs to have some coraline and algae scraped off, but otherwise it's scratch free. These are nice tanks if you want something...
  6. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I'm building a aquamaxx 22 long with a 12 gallon sump!will have a med to heavey bioload!need help picking a correct skimmer for my set up! Was looking at the sca 301 but open to others ,looking for a clean look and small in sump foot print!im pretty sure if I get too big of a skimmer it won't...
  7. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for used BioCubes. 14 or 29 gallon, with or without stand. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  8. Selling Forums
    Fluval edge 12 gallon led, set it up for 2 days and decided on something bigger Asking $100 Please text 586-222-6184
  9. Selling Forums
    105w Quad compact (w/ moonlights) canopy for 28 gallon JBJ nano cube - $100 obo note: I believe this will also fit a 24 gallon JBJ as well Older 24 gallon Canopy W/ 36w led ballast (missing front flap, works fine) - $25 obo 24 JBJ nano cube stand (will also fit a 12 gallon JBJ) - $50 obo (new...
  10. Selling Forums
    50 breeder and stand 120.00 29 gallon 20.00 20 tall 10.00 20 long pree drilled free Fluval edge full set up 50.00 T5 high output 60.00 Wet dry sump media tray and bio balls 60.00
  11. Selling Forums
    Up for sale are 12 gallon nano cube dx parts... the tank broke, but I have all the equipment that goes with it. It has a dx hood, with 24 watt bulbs, less than a month use. The ballast, return pump, and nano korallia included. There is also a 24 gallon stand. It is a little oversized, but it is...
  12. Selling Forums
    I've got a couple of tanks that are just taking up space around the house right now that I would like to get rid of. 10 Gallon tank with Top Fin filter, hood, and light/ Used for 1 month: $20 12 Gallon acrylic flat back Hex tank- no light, no pump: $50 - Sold 30 Gallon tank: was used as a...
1-13 of 13 Results