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    90 gallon tempered glass not drilled black trim Neptune JR controller with DC 8. A couple plugs don’t work Eheim 1262 pump LaMotte alkalinity test kit Python vacuum E.T.S.S. Sump buddy 40 skimmer Tunze 6060 powerhead Tunze 6045 powerhead Sybon refractometer Magnavore ER4 algae magnet with...
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    Garage Sale-MP10WQD Photon LED Fixture and lots of goodies! Quite a Few things for sale. Open to offers but I've tried to Price everything as fairly as I could. I would really not rather ship so for now Local Pickup only MP10 Unsure of Build date but Motor is making a noise, it apparently it...
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    125g (60x18x24) Tempered glass with stand and canopy - $300Sold 40g long sump. 3 sections for overflow, refuge, return - $50Sold Retro T5 lights. 4 60" Tek reflectors and (2) 660 icecaps- $200 (currently mounted in canopy) Have about 8 various bulbs Sold Eheim 1262 pumps - $90 Magnavore 4ER...
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    extra stuff Im selling to finish my build (updated) It all has been tested and in working condition I have a Ehiem model 1262 works needs a impeller $50 shipped I have a Ehiem Model 1060 $50 works intact Shipped I have a 2 Ehiem 1250 $40 each Shipped I have 2 uv lights $120 each shipped...
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    *******update read below******* Unfortunately I am having to sell my 65 gallon set up due to some unexpected bills I can text pictures 5866044146 Thanks ******update******* I had interest in parting this out and I have someone picking up the sump pump skimmer and heater so I have left is...
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    Nannochloropsis oculata live and fresh cultures. Great food for clams, SPS, LPS, sponges, tunicates, rotifers, copepods. The cultures are so dense that you can't see the light through them! 1 quart = $10 Half gallon = $15 Reasonable trades considered
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    Only rock and sand left Live Rock: $1 a pound Dry Rock: $.75 a pound Sand: $20 a 5 gallon bucket. Will get pics soon.
1-7 of 44 Results