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    40 gallon breeder drilled on the side, 2in drain with plumbing, I had it gravity fed into my sump on a higher stand. Can use as a fudge tank or frag tank -$25 Innovative marine reef rack 102 frag holder-$25 MP10wQD two months old.. new tank is to thick- $250 Emperor Aquatics/Pentair 40 watt...
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    I have a used brs dual reactor, It comes with 2 mj1200 pumps and the lines for it with the shutoff valve If picked up I will throw in a filter sock holder, and 2 jugs of reef fusion 1 and 2 I might have some other misc things I can throw in, as I am cleaning my fish room and dont do salt...
  3. Selling Forums
    Kessil LED Grow Light H380...bought new in April 2019. Have the box still. $200 734-301-9153
  4. Selling Forums
    Need to clear the frag racks. I can text cell pics by request. Polyps are at least 2 or more polyps on frag plugs. Everything is OBO WWC grafted cap $30 Rainbow monti $10 Gold lepto $10 Green lepto $10 Bigger Green cap $10 Watermelon psammocora $20 Meteor shower cypastrea $10 Red hornets$20...
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    Time to make do some cutting. Have frags of pink b00bies, bubblegum monster, mummy eye & Pink Floyd. $25 & up. Mothers pictured. Text 734-725-98fiveO for more pics or info.
  6. Selling Forums
    I can't make it to the swap, but let this be your first post-swap opportunity! Tank is FULL. I've got LOTS of corals and YOU NEED THEM! Even though it's a "post-swap sale", it starts TODAY! TEXT OR CALL me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. First come first serve. Too many corals to hold and keep...
  7. Selling Forums
    I have a pair of clowns, one is a picasso the other is an ocellaris hosting a lg rose bubble tip nem. $70.(sold) also have a used XR15 pro radion for sale one is a gen 3 with the mounting arm. $180. and the other I purchased new, gen 4 with the mounting arm. $350. (sold) Reeflink Wifi...
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    ATI 6 bulb 60 inch $250 obo. Great shape. Only ran with splash guard in place. Can have the bulbs, about a year old. A few small screw holes in top where moon lights were mounted. Reef Octopus 202-S skimmer SOLD Can bring to the Lansing swap. Also Waterford or grand Blanc area.
  9. Reef Discussion
    My alk is low (5.6 dkh) I need to do an adjustment and get something to dose on a regular basis. I don't want to wait a week for online order. Where is a decently priced place within an hour of Flushing (Flint area) that I could pick up? Any suggestion on what I should use?
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    $500 the entire pack: 125g standard reef setup with built in dual overflow, cherry oak stand and matching canopy, 100lb plus of dried live rock( beautiful pieces), mag 9 return pump, ato reservoir, a bunch of extras( some not shown), heres some pics, text for faster response: 313-268-319five...
  11. Want to Buy
    Iso a nice tank/stand. 4foot no bigger then 5ft lmk what u got ty.
  12. Selling Forums
    Have 3 boxes Walt Smith Fiji 2.1 live rock new in boxes . $200 each box price firm.
  13. Selling Forums
    I've got 5 more rainbow bubbletip anemones that were on the move so I didn't have to do any pulling off the rocks. All are perfectly fine. They are all in the display in a clear plastic container ready to go. 50.00 each or all 5 for 200.00. Plus the container they are currently in so you can...
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    If one were to buy from bulkreefsupply these would cost 190 to 200 dollars plus tax. 1. Chemicals - All together - $125 Alk - 7lbs each - 2 bottles - total 14lbs Calcium - 1 gallon - 7lbs high capacity carbon - 1 bottle - 3.5lbs high capacity ferric oxide for phosphate removal - 1bottle -...
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    I have been getting ready for the Sterling Heights frag swap on December 8th. This is my first time as a vendor at a swap. Please come check me out!!! Ryan's Coral @ table 13. Everything that I have is 100% aquacultured, grown by me. If you would like to stop by to check out what I have...
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    10 Gallon Setup with Everything Ready to Go. Has about 5-10lbs of rock, Brand New Current Loop Light ($110), filter, brand new heater, glass top and lid, 2 snowflakes, galaxia, GSP, Kenya tree, Xenia, purple mushroom. Tank has been setup for two months running strong. I will separate the light...
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    All of my corals are super healthy and are cared for with the very best practices such as quarantine new additions, best in class water parameters, optimal flow and light, and profound nutrition. I took 5 packs of the following colonies that I have aqua cultured from frags. I cannot substitute...
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    60g Cube tear down, getting out and going FW Planted, Remaining contents include; - At least 75-80 lbs of live rock, this was the best of the best from my 240g Reef I took down ~3 years ago - Softball size Elegance Cora - 10"+ Photosynthetic Purple Gorg, multiple braches - Several different...
41-58 of 500 Results