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  1. Want to Buy
    Who got a nice saltwater setup for sale. 7348190672
  2. Selling Forums
    I have a 29 gallon biocube, it comes with a AI prime led light, a Smart micro ato, a skimmer, heater, rock and 2 clowns. For the asking price I will Inc a ro/di unit, barrel for water storage, a half bucket of reef crystal salt, a tds meter and hydrometer Will trade and part out Getting out of...
  3. Selling Forums
    1 29 gallon, 30 x 18h x 12w, $15 1 20 gallon, 24l x 16h x 12w, $10 2 10 gallon, 20l x 12h x 10w, $5 each Available after July 4th. Pick up only (DeWitt is just north of Lansing). If you are interested PM me an offer. Hate to be giving them to the trash man.
  4. Selling Forums
    1 29 gallon, $15 1 20 gallon, $10 2 10 gallon, $5 Available after July 4th. Pick up only (DeWitt is just north of Lansing). ---------- Post added 07-29-2019 at 02:23 PM ---------- If you are interested PM me an offer. Hate to be giving them to the trash man.
  5. Want to Buy
    Hi, I'm trying to make my first DIY sump and it turns out that the stand I'm using has a rear opening that is half an inch too narrow for a 10g tank. Major bummer. I don't want to use my 5g as the sump because that would be too small. I need EITHER: 1) Fish stand for 29 gallon tank (30 inches...
  6. Selling Forums
    Hello, got a few extra tanks that need to go - all tanks barely used / new condition - 29 gallon, drilled for overflow (center back, 2 holes) painted black -back & sides Qty: 2 $20 each - 40 gallon breeder - Qty: 2 $30 each - SOLD - 48"x30" Frag tank - drilled on short side, with bulkhead...
  7. Selling Forums
    I have a 29 gallon full of appx 100#s of live rock, it would be enough rock for a 4' tank or more. There is some branching mixed in, a large clam shell with several superman shrooms and several red shrooms on the rocks, one neon green sinularia, red meteor shower, pink kush palys, koralin purple...
  8. Seahorses & Pipefish
    I have had my seahorse tank for almost a year. I’d like to get this forum going again. Are there any seahorse people out there? I currently have Erectus seahorses. 2 females and 2 males. They are very social and have very distinct personalities. Tank mates include 2 peppermint shrimp and...
  9. Selling Forums
    29 Gallon Coralife Biocube with stand. The tank is in great shape and has no scratches. The stand is the original black stand and is in perfect condition. Included with the setup: Rapid LED Retrofit in hood with controller. Lights are approximately 1 year old and fully customizable. InTank...
  10. Reef Discussion
    So I'm setting up a 29 gallon for my occellaris clowns. Mated pair and giving them their own house to themselves. Anyways. I have a bag of left over dried up live sand I was going to use but since it dried up on me how would I go upon doing this? Should I let it cure in a bucket with salt...
  11. Selling Forums
    Available for pick up at the Capital City Swap this Sunday... QuietOne 2200 pump (used) $20 Marineland maxi-jet 1200 (new) $15 SOLD Marineland bio-wheel 200 filter (new) $20 Two Little Fishies Phosban 550 (used) with maxijet 1200 (new) $60 Fluval 50 watt heater (used) $5 SOLD Fluval 150...
  12. Want to Buy
    Posting for a friend in the hobby his tank cracked last night and is need of a tank for cheap like a 29 gallon and a hang on filter if anyone can help him out it would be great he's not on M.R. so if you have a tank please shoot him a email His names mark [email protected] Thank you...
  13. Want to Buy
    Delete looking for different
  14. Selling Forums
    I have a 29 gallon bio cube I am not using anymore. Everything works except one of the three LED moonlights. Newer CF bulbs and I probably have some new filter inserts. Great shape. $150obo Pick up in Saginaw or can deliver to the MI cichlid association auction this Saturday.
  15. Reef Discussion
    We've all read or unfortunately have been a victim to reef safe menses. I'm going to share my experience with you about keeping several of these safe hit or miss species. My tank is relatively small (29gal.)and is un-filtered and un-skimmed. Because it is so small and economical. Expecially...
  16. New to the Hobby
    Okay, I have had 1 saltwater tank and it was a 29 gallon biocube. So I kind of just went with that setup. However I no longer have that and just purchased a 26 gallon acrylic tank. I have read most of the "new" or "read first" and can not seem to figure out what to do for filtration of I do...
  17. Members Tanks
    Hey everyone Here is my first pile of rocks. Any ideas or mistakes or comments? Top of the rocks are about 6 inches below the waterline . Thanks Mike
  18. Selling Forums
    Selling my rimless biocube with stand and hanging led lights. Only $50. I'm moving and need this gone fast.
1-18 of 344 Results