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  1. Selling Forums
    I have a LOT of corals for sale, Looking to get out for a while. Blue Stylophoria $75 $60 Hollywood stunner 5" $30 $25 Neon Green Slimmer 9" $75 $60 4'' multi branch Birdsnest $35 $25 Pm me a phone number for pics
  2. Selling Forums
    SOLD65 Gallon 36X18X25 drilled with corner return Glass lids Wood Stand 20 Gallon sump with wet/dry filter Return pump appx 800 GPH Coral Life Protein Skimmer Model 65 Halide lighting 30-40 lbs of live rock Fuji Pink Sand Can take tank water with you if you bring buckets to keep tank cycled...
  3. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Yea I'm intrested in these for my 300 build just wanted to kno if anybody has them or has seen them running in person , Im wanting the dual chip atlantik 2.1s would love to hear how they work I can read all the info on the Internet but would like to see if there are any reefers in my area...
  4. Selling Forums
    Dry goods. 3-4 yrs old. Can bring to AA Swap. Eshopps Cone Skimmer S-120, with Sicce SE200 pump; for up to 120 gal; Amazon new price = $220; asking $85. Aqueon Sump, Model 1; Amazon new price = $180; asking $60. Coralife Light Mini T5 fixture; fits Sump; Amazon new price = $45; asking $20...
  5. Selling Forums
    PARTING OUT 180 gal setup 180 Gal AGA with dual drilled overflows $600 for tank stand, lights, sump with return pump and skimmer 75 gal sump with ASM G3 skimmer 3 175W MH with new bulbs 2 WP40 powerhead $80 Call or Text Matt @ 586 764 2524
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    I justtaanted to get other people's feed back the site just isn't what it was 3 plus years ago there no respect or honor twice I've tryed to buy something and been just passed right by the first time was a few weeks on some live rock and did all the figuring out got his info as I'm ready to...
  7. Selling Forums
    Finishing the breakdown of my 220 2 Tunze 6105 w/extra wide stream shrouds, light sensor and 7092 controller 350.00 1 Tunze 7091 20.00 Mag 3 with extra Mag 5 impeller 30.00 Pan World pump NH40PX 55.00 text is best 616 893 1663
  8. Selling Forums
    in good shape dual corner overflows black stand and hood. 2 minor chips, I had the tank up and running for 3 years with no problems. I'm asking $300 definitely feel free to make me an offer, I will consider non saltwater trades 269-364-4607 text/call and i can send you pictures
  9. Trading Forums
    PRICE DROP HUGE LOT OF HIGH END SALTWATER EQUIPMENT. I didn't post pics because it would have been a nightmare to do it for everything, I can send pics of anything just ask. Willing to consider offers, no trades unless you have aftermarket upgrade parts for a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. Please only...
  10. Selling Forums
    300 gallon acrylic tank i am selling my 300 gallon acrylic tank it has two overflows its dimensions are 8 ft. long 2 ft. wide and 30 inches tall. it is 1/2 inch thick acrylic and the back piece is black it will come with lids and 2x6 stand it also has live sand in it that i will include if...
  11. Selling Forums
    Lights were used about 1 year. Light are 6 x 54w with 2 LED Stunner strips.175.00 each obo. 48" 6x 54w 1 light pending 1 still for sale
  12. Selling Forums
    29g biocube with inTank baskets upgraded return pump, spin stream nozzle, and upgraded lights to T5/led. Clean and ready to go, just add heater. $300
  13. Trading Forums
    Looking for some zoas. Looking for : Pink hippos/chucky brides Vampire Blue hornets Space monsters Super sayians Scrambled eggs Purple people eaters Raptor rainbows Candy apple reds I have a few different things to trade
  14. Selling Forums
    Well going to be moving soon thinking about upgrading to a bigger tank so I'd like to gauge interest in selling my old system. All info and pictures can be found throughout my build thread.... http://www.michiganreefers.com/forums/members-tanks/122318-nicks-245-ultimate-sps-reef.html Here's a...
  15. Selling Forums
    Mp-40 wireless pump, ran flawlessly for year and a half, will be clean. $200 Mp-10 wireless pump, ran flawlessly for a year, will be clean. $135 Will consider trades for high end acros, zoas. Otherwise, cash is king! Pm is critical as I work crazy hours Wednesday thru Sunday.
  16. Selling Forums
    Closing down my reef aquarium. Some of this rock has been cycled for over 15 years. This is for a large tank. 104 pounds, pest free with coralline. Great shapes and sized. This is just some of the rock from my 300 gallon tank, these are the nicest pieces. The largest one is 20 inches and weighs...
  17. Selling Forums
    Closing out on the following equipment and corals will be at the swap tomorrow. 1. 75 Large Blue Digi Colony about 11 x 6 2. 100 Large Pink Digi Colony about 7 x 4 3. 75 Large Blue Digi Colony about 9 X 8 Has Forest fire digi growing in it. 4. 50 Large Purple Digi Colony with Pink Digi...
  18. Other Invertebrates
    So I wake up a bit ago and look over the tank as the moonbeams were on, and what do I see? Urchin spines scattered in a small area with central body nearby devoid of all its spines and lifeless! With that now a done deal for the little (3") urchin, I'm curious which of its tank mates was the...
  19. Want to Buy
    Hey everyone im looking to have a acrylic tank built. If you are able to build large tanks 300+g or know of someone who builds tanks id like to talk to you. Thanks
  20. Selling Forums
    Up for sale is an Octopus 3000 Recirculating Skimmer. It is in good condition. I used it for a year, but had to upgrade to a bigger skimmer. I am asking $150.00. If you are interested text/call Dave at 586-909-9020
481-500 of 500 Results