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40 breeder
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    40 breeder, glass top, metal stand, aqua clear HOB filter , heater , power head, cheap LED light-SOLD 20 long , glass top , aqua clear HOB filter, heater $30 New-Eshopps Eclipes M over flow kit, diamond drill bit. Paid $150 new...never installed- Asking $90 New in box Jebao Marine DC Pump...
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    All sold I have dry rock from KP Aquatics and also have a 40 breeder for sale. Was going to upgrade takes but that is on hold for now. Over 40 lbs of dry rock $40 for all Sold Aqueon 40 breeder $30 never used. Sold Pickup only in Lapeer
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    Stand, canopy, tank, ac70 filter, air pump and heater $100 picked up Clinton township mi I can text pictures Not drilled but would a great set up for a herbie or coast to coast ---------- Post added 09-06-2019 at 02:33 PM ---------- Sold Thanks
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    Just wondering if any one might have a stand for 40 breeder.
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    Hello, got a few extra tanks that need to go - all tanks barely used / new condition - 29 gallon, drilled for overflow (center back, 2 holes) painted black -back & sides Qty: 2 $20 each - 40 gallon breeder - Qty: 2 $30 each - SOLD - 48"x30" Frag tank - drilled on short side, with bulkhead...
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    -Maristar 24 inch MH light fixture 250 watt double end MH with two 24 inch T5 bulbs has hanging kit and correct ballast to power it $100 -Lumen max elite 250 watt double ended MH with coralvue ballast $100 or $180 for two -250 MH pendant with Icecap ballast $50 -Danner mag 12 pump $50 -40...
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    I have 1 christmas tree wrasse -$15. 40 lbs of liverock -$2 per pound. 55 lbs of live white sand -$1 per pound. Once this is gone i will sell my 40g breeder -$25. Metal stand for the breeder -$25. 20g sump -$20. I also have an emerald crab and hermit free with purchase. Located in Tecumseh.
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    Looking for a rimless 40 breeder from here or if anyone knows where I can buy one lmk
  9. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Need some help picking out equipment for a 40 Breeder SPS tank Sump size/style Return Pump Skimmer If you could add an explanation as to why you suggest each equipment I would appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi. I need a 36" glass top preferably for a 40 breeder but any one will work. If you have one please post or text 586 690 5321 with price and city.
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  12. Selling Forums
    I have a brand new 40 B with stickers, has never seen water. 50$ Will also trade for a nice RBTA
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    I have a brand new 40G breeder with the cardboard and stickers still on it, was going to make a reef out of it but can no longer afford to. Asking $70 I also have 2 BNIB aqua clear 110 filters, asking $60 each
  14. Want to Buy
    I have been out of the hobby and am trying to get back in. I am looking for enough rock to scape a 40 breeder tank decently. Looking to get it as cheap as possible as i don't really have much in the way of cash right now. If you have anything please let me know, thanks.
  15. Group Ordering Forum
    Is anyone interested in any acid splashed anemones? I was going to order some online they're $25 a piece or if you buy 5 or more theyre $20 each and shipping is $40 so we could split the cost of shipping.
  16. Want to Buy
    Just like the title says looking for a in good to great shape 40 breeder and possibly a stand with it I would prefer something with no cracks or scratches let me know what you have Text is easiest 586 230 4148 Chris
  17. Do It Yourself
    I tend to over think and complicate things a bit. Planning out a 40 breeder with 29g sump. With a BA setup. What I'm tossing around is rather than dump the siphon straight into a sock in the sump/refugium, I was going to turn it 90° right at the top of the sump with multiple holes in the PVC and...
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    drilled 40 breeder and much more I have a drilled 40 breeder, it is drilled for a 1-1/2 drain and a 1" return. It comes with both bulkheads and the glass-holes overflow box.$80 I am going thru the extra stuff I have laying around, all test and working Asm skimmer with pump $80 Reef octopus...
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    Looking for free or cheap frags to try growing in my 340 gallon with a large angel, butterflyfish, and a puffer. Not looking to spend a lot in case they get eaten. I have a hang on the back overflow with wet dry filter (handled the massive bioload on my 180 gallon no problem), and a small but...
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    Breaking down tank tomorrow. And have some lights and stuff left on garage. Tank has tons of high-end mushrooms dirt cheap. Also hammers, sinulara, mummy eye chalice, cornbred crazy clown chalice, acans, dendros, lobos, pipe organs and some I'm forgetting. Pricing will be between 5-20...
1-20 of 82 Results