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  1. Reef Discussion
    well im building a 20 gallon tall sump for my 46 gallon bow front. im just trying to get some ideas on how to build it. like the first chamber should the water flow over the first baffle or under? how many baffles between each chamber? I alos want to have a fuge.
  2. Selling Forums
    I am taking down my last tank it was a 46 gallon bowfront fairly full of live rock it is for sale not sure how many pounds but it is in a 20 gal Rubbermaid tub now and pretty full I would guess 75 pounds or more $75. Also have a 5 year old engineer goby very cool fish $10 or free if you buy the...
  3. Selling Forums
    Taking down the last tank and I have a pair of clowns that have been together for a few years I cant remember if they are Occelaris or Percula but need them gone $40. Also have a 46 gallon bowfront I need to sell the liverock from it is enough to fill the tank pretty well $75 no idea how many...
  4. Reef Discussion
    i have a fully operational 46 gallon bow front that is doing great, only thing is when i started it up i just used a hang on filter. I now want to get a sump but I don't want to use a hang on overflow i want to drill my tank. what are your guys opinion on tanking out some of my water and...
  5. Selling Forums
    46 gallon bow front. The tank is 36'' long 20'' tall 12'' wide and 16'' wide in the middle. The whole thing sets 49'' tall floor to top of tank. Coms with the factory top and light. great condition, no scratches on glass. All black. full size stand so you can put a stump under it. can text...
  6. Reef Discussion
    i have a 46 gallon bow front aquarium that i have had running for a couple months now. when i set it up i only put in 30lbs of sugar sand in it. It was plenty to cover the bottom of the tank, but know im really wanting to make it a deep sand bed and add an aditionals 30 or more pounds of sand to...
  7. Selling Forums
    I'm going to sell my two show tanks that are in the fish room,to make room for more racks First is a 110 gallon High with a custom built stand Black with door with shelves on the inside(sides) It will come with a marineland c-550 canister filter a fluval 300 watt heater, and Magnum 350 canister...
  8. Reef Discussion
    I plan on setting up my first frag tank (primarily zoas and palys) and would like some advice. This is what I was thinking of. I plan on keeping it small and basic to start. 5 gallon tank 15 watt E27 LED, cool white and blue for 8-10 hours daily Hand on Back filter with filter floss and...
  9. Softies & LPS
    I just bought a Pagoda cup coral yesterday. Anyone have any advice on care, especially placement. I have it down on the sand bed now in an area with low flow. If I move it up to mid tank, how long should I have it on the sand? I have a 46 gallon bowfront with T5s x 4.
  10. Selling Forums
    First I have a 46 gallon bow frt with matching stand(glass door and shelves, marineland glass lid dual bulb light, ac70 and ac 30 filter heater and crushed coral and the castle $300 for everything Both of these tanks are show ready Second I have a 40 high(same footprint as a 29 but higher)...
  11. Reef Discussion
    I am looking to get a fish to help with hair algae control. I hear rabbitfish are good. Also yellow tangs, I hear that they can get sick easily? Last one I was considering was a lawnmower blenny. Just because of the lack of color. Any advice would be appreciated. Obviously I need to get at...
  12. New to the Hobby
    I am going to make the jump into saltwater, and I was told this is the site to go to. I will be setting up a 46 gallon bow frt Fish/rock only I will be asking a ton of questions so please be easy on me :)
  13. Selling Forums
    skimmer, equipment, lights Updated list of what's left Purple stripe dotty back, make offer. Xenia frag $10 Seaclone protein skimmer $75 Marineland led light with moonlights' 22" with extension arms, I had it on 36" tank. $60 55 gal tank with metal stand $55 Eheim auto feeder $20 never...
  14. Reef Discussion
    I currently run a reef octopus skimmer rated 150 gal tank on a 46 gallon bowfront setup. I have a tank with primarily softies, lps and a montipora. I was considering decreasing the skimming to 6-12 hrs per day. I was inspired to get into this hobby by Muchoreef's tank of the month which was...
  15. Selling Forums
    46 gallon bow front and matching stand sold misc stuff: Overflow box w/ plumbing sold icecap 660 ballast, also have icecap fan nib 40.00 ca3000 pump (900 gph) 40.00 call me if interested joe: 586-420-0138 will have pics up this evening
  16. Selling Forums
    46 gallon bowfront pine stand in very good condition
  17. Selling Forums
    Nice pine stand for a 46 gallon bowfront. great condition, no tank, canopy or lights
  18. New to the Hobby
    I have a 46 gallon Bowfront with a cyano problem, and to a lesser extent some hair algae. I have been running a protein skimmer (reef octopus rated for 150 gallons and have a good sized refugium with Chaeto - lights on at night only. One week ago I took all the liverock out, cleaned them and...
  19. New to the Hobby
    I have a 46 gallon bowfront which I plan on keeping mostly LPS, but would like to try SPS. I want to buy two powerheads. I am looking at koralias due to my budget. Should I go with two of either the 750 or 1050 GPH koralias?
21-40 of 199 Results