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    ATI Dimmable SunPower 48" 6 bulb Like new condition $300
  2. Selling Forums
    Free Tank w Stand - 150ga needs re-sealing 48L x 24W x 30H SOLD 150 gallon Top Fin tank with pine stand. 48L x 24W x 30H. One edge leaks. I tried to re-seal it, but never finished with it. Glass is in very good condition otherwise. No scratches. Would make a great sump. SOLD
  3. Want to Buy
    ISO a used reef ready tank preferably with the "new" dimensions 24" x 48" x 16" tall put out by deep blue or seaphora. I know seaworld has some new ones, just checking to see if anyone has a used one for less money.
  4. Selling Forums
    Frag tank, 48" T5, Brightwell Po4 & calcium If I can find someone to take BOTH the frag tank and light I will sell them together for $150. $75 - I picked this up in a swap awhile back but never needed it. All bulbs fire up, also comes with two more bulbs. Only issue is one fan does not spin...
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for a supplemental blue led light bar to add to my system to make my corals "pop" more
  6. Selling Forums
    https://www.amazon.com/Finnex-Ray2-Aquarium-Daylight-48-Inch/dp/B008K3DO9I $60
  7. Selling Forums
    For Sale: SOLD. Marineland LED Strip Light (36-48 inches)-Like New I just purchased this with LED strip light with an aquarium package (tank/stand) last weekend (Saturday 1/20/18) and decided I would like to upgrade the light to a higher intensity light fixture. The light is great, just want...
  8. Selling Forums
    Selling the last of my saltwater equipment. Up for sale is: -SpectraPure MPDI-90 5 stage RO/DI system. No filter cartridges but system is in great shape. No leaks or cracks. Comes with all hoses and pressure gauge. - $60 - 5 Gallon bucket of Red Sea coral pro salt. About a month old. Used a...
  9. Selling Forums
    Used but in excellent condition Reef Brite 48" XHO Led Striplight. The Actinic Blue version. Really makes the corals pop. 1st Generation. It is about 3-4 years old but works great. No burnt out less everything functions. The only real blemish is I bent the mounting tabs up so it could fit...
  10. Selling Forums
    Hello, I have a few items for sale. Please shoot me a message with your phone number so I can text you pictures. 48" 6 bulb ATI Sunpower dimmable T5 fixture $500 -Comes with 8 bulbs (4 blue plus, 1 coral plus, 1 purple plus and 2 aqua blue special). They have a range of use from 3-7 months...
  11. Selling Forums
    4-new 48" Actinic T5 bulbs- 40.00 8-new T5 endcaps-20.00 Please text if interested-616-308-1561
  12. Selling Forums
    Hey all! If you're looking to get some powerful metal halides for cheap this could be for you! AquaticLife 48" HID Metal Halide / T5 Actinic with LED moonlights and timer. 2x150W metal halides + 2x54W T5 lamps Product Info Link Issues with the light (please read!): Occasionally, the halide...
  13. Selling Forums
    Outer Orbit 48” 2x250W MH, 4x54 T5s, LEDs Price: Free to good home. I've accepted that I'm probably never going to do a large tank again, and this stuff is just taking up space in my garage (part of the reason I just want to get it gone) Buyer beware: All lights were still working the last...
  14. Selling Forums
    48" AquaticLife 2x150W Metal Halide + T5 Combo $160 obo - moving must go! Hey all! If you're looking to get some powerful metal halides for cheap this could be for you! AquaticLife 48" HID Metal Halide / T5 Actinic with LED moonlights and timer. 2x150W metal halides + 2x54W T5 lamps Product...
  15. Selling Forums
    48" reefbrite 48" Reefbrite 50/50 tech 48" Reefbrite 50/50 xho $350
  16. Trading Forums
    I have a 48" t5 2 bulb fixture. The bulbs are old, but it works. Includes mounting brackets. I don't mind giving it away to a local reefer, but wouldn't mind taking some coral as a trade ether.
  17. Want to Buy
    looking for 48" t5 bulbs any color used or new just need to text a fixture out with them nothing to exciting LMK
  18. Selling Forums
    48" 8x54W Dimmable SunPower with Controller - 2 channels Comes with 11 total bulbs-10 less than a month old Giesemann bulbs and one Euroquatics BluePop. (Can also take the old ATi bulbs as well, about 9 months old used on low settings) Extra reflectors as well. Still under warranty-Less than...
  19. Selling Forums
    Selling my lighting. It's a 48" Coralife HQI 2x250W Metal Halide Fixture with compact florescent bulbs and 4 moonlights. The fixture is in pretty good shape for being a few years old. The moonlights work but the power compacts do not. The 2-250W halide bulbs have minimal usage on them. I also...
  20. Selling Forums
    I am selling a professionally built stand for aquariums with base 48" x 24" and is 34" high. Made of 2" steel thick tube and has adjustable legs for proper leveling, you will feel very safe with this stand. I believe will work with 120 or 110 gal aquariums. Asking $100 Can not upload photos but...
1-20 of 110 Results