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    ATI 6 bulb 60 inch $250 obo. Great shape. Only ran with splash guard in place. Can have the bulbs, about a year old. A few small screw holes in top where moon lights were mounted. Reef Octopus 202-S skimmer SOLD Can bring to the Lansing swap. Also Waterford or grand Blanc area.
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    Frag tank, 48" T5, Brightwell Po4 & calcium If I can find someone to take BOTH the frag tank and light I will sell them together for $150. $75 - I picked this up in a swap awhile back but never needed it. All bulbs fire up, also comes with two more bulbs. Only issue is one fan does not spin...
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    6 x 54W Sunpower for sale - SOLD Comes with bulbs (6+ mo. old): 2 Blue Plus 2 Aqua Blue Special 1 Purple Plus 1 Coral Plus *Does not come with hanging kit* I will text pictures if interested. I cannot upload high quality pics here. 313 590 3407
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    SOLD$150 29g BioCube drilled w/ stand- no lights in lid. Comes with plumbing. Rubbermaid sump. $80obo 6-bulb auto T5 4ft- comes with ATI bulbs lightly used and spare bulbs. $20obo 2-bulb T5- ATI bulbs lightly used. PM or Text. All are obo's. 586-764-755four
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    Hello Michigan Reefers its been quite a long time since Ive been online. I have been cleaning out the storage and have quite a few things left to sell. Here is my list if you want to negotiate throw me some numbers and we can work something out. EVERYTHING MUST GO Text me for Pictures 1...
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    130 Gal Complete with livestock This system is complete, and I will NOT be parting it out (don't ask, not gonna happen). I'm traveling again for work and I cannot do my critters justice. I trusted someone to watch the tank, and we all know how that turns out. Lost many really nice corals...
  7. Want to Buy
    Needed for a 65 deep tank. LED, Metal Hallide, T5, a combination of all, etc. Thanks!
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    Hello, I have a few items for sale. Please shoot me a message with your phone number so I can text you pictures. 48" 6 bulb ATI Sunpower dimmable T5 fixture $500 -Comes with 8 bulbs (4 blue plus, 1 coral plus, 1 purple plus and 2 aqua blue special). They have a range of use from 3-7 months...
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    Hello Mi Reefers, I am selling my t5 light it is a 6 bulb t5 TEK-Light (Need new bulbs) $150 I am selling my MAG 7 pump $30 I am also selling a little over half 5 gallon bucket of BRS Kalk Wasser $20 I am also selling any Brightwell addictive anyone might be interested in. $Offer Text for pics...
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    Hello Mi Reefers, I have a few items for sale. 1. Tek Light 36" 6 bulb t-5 (needs new bulbs) $175 2. MP10W production date Sept 2016 $150 3. MP10W production date Sept 2011 (needs new wet side drive shaft value of part $62) $90 4. Reef Octopus Classic 110 INT $100 5. BRS Single Carbor Reactor...
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    48" 6 bulb non dimmable ATI Sunpower ($350) -Has bulbs but they are at least 6 month old. Two probably need to be replaced, they look a little dim. - Needs 4 rubber fan mounts from ATI. I accidentally broke them. - The ATI fan adapter broke but I replaced it with a new generic adapter that still...
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    SOLD 62 gallon Great Lakes Aquarium Drilled in bottom, with overflow 36" x 18" x 22" (LWH) Not a single scratch, just emptied 3 months ago, waiting for a good home Cabinet: furniture quality built for aquarium. Mahogany finish with brushed stainless knobs. Recent reef from July...
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    3 DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHEATO, 48" T5 Fixture 6 bulb, BLUE/GREEN Frogspawn 3 Lyretail Anthias trio SOLD Beautiful Flame Angel SOLD Blue Birdsnest $15 a frag Green Birdsnest $15 a frag Blue/Green Frogspawn 3 heads $40 Blue/Green Frogspawn 4 heads $50 Green tip purple Hammer coral $15...
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    drilled 40 breeder and much more I have a drilled 40 breeder, it is drilled for a 1-1/2 drain and a 1" return. It comes with both bulkheads and the glass-holes overflow box.$80 I am going thru the extra stuff I have laying around, all test and working Asm skimmer with pump $80 Reef octopus...
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    Sold!!!!!!!! I have a Current 6 bulb T5 HO fixture for sale bulbs 3 months old for Sale $200 firm text for pics. 419-297-9857:victory: New price $150 need this gone!! ---------- Post added 04-23-2016 at 10:29 PM ---------- Oh well text for pics tried this photobucket and cant get it...
  16. Want to Buy
    Like title says, Looking for a 4 or 6 bulb t-5 fixture
  17. Want to Buy
    6 or 8 bulb. Price TBD depending on model and condition as well as whether or not bulbs are included. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    clearing some equipment that I no longer need. First up is a Current 48" 6 bulb t-5 fixture. All bulbs work but probably need replacing. Both fans work and its super clean. asking 200$ Next are two 48" LED strips. Both have white and blue LED's and both colors are dimmable. Great for accent...
1-19 of 190 Results