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    90 Gallon Tank Stand Canopy with Sump tank 48" Tek Light SOLD all is sold
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    Hello Mi Reefers, I hope everyone is doing well, so Id like to get my list out and I am willing to meet people at the upcoming Lansing Swap. I have a few different SPS frags each will be 1-1.5+ inches. Enjoy, 1. Red Dragon ($40) 3 Frags Available 2. Needle in the Haystack ($40) 2 Frag...
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    Sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Selling a custom made 110 gallon (24Lx48Wx22H) glass reef aquarium. Tank was made by Great Lakes Aquariums of Michigan. Has a 3 hole over flow for a closed loop system and refugium/sump. Tank comes mostly complete. Includes 6 bulb t5 light, skimmer, refuge/sump combo, RO/DI unit, 2 return pumps...
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    I'm thinking of switching back to T5. Let me know if you have any other T5 fixtures that would work for a 72" 180 gallon. Ideally I'm looking for the 6 bulb version but might be interested in the 8 bulb. Please let me know if you have one! Thanks
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    Looking for lighting for a 4' tank. Open to almost anything - LEDs, T5's and MH. Let me know what you have.
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    Have a aquaticlife 48" fixture with newer ATI T5 bulbs. Looking for a36" ATI, Aquaticlife or Tek-Light 6 bulb fixture I plan on replacing the bulbs so dont care the age of them. Thanks.
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    Want to trade my Black AI prime for a 6 bulb 24in t-5 light. I have a 12in deep cube. The AI prime is just too much for it. I like to keep softies and LPS in my tank and it is just too shallow for this light. They were much happier under a T-5 but I got rid of it when i got this light...
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    Looking to buy this fixture, I want to gut out the center bulbs and retrofit my radion in the middle. I love this light but the shadows from LEDs are brutal. If I cant find one I will have to make a canopy and hang it from the ceiling and mount the radion and t5s that way.
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    Aqua C 120 protein skimmer with mag5 pump $130 CPR Bak Pak protein skimmer with rio 600 pump $60 CPR Aqua fuge hang on back refugium with pump Small 13-1/4"L x 4-1/2"W x 12"H with cf light $75 text 810 300 3152 for pics or more info
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    I may be getting back into the hobby soon and would like to start piecing components together. I'm currently looking for the following if anyone has them for sale: Glass Tank: 65-100 Gallon Lighting: T5HO fixture Protein Skimmer: Hang On Powerheads Anyone have/know of someone selling in the...
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    I ended up having to sell the tank so I have a few item's left. 36" ATI SunPower 6 Bulb at 39 Watts per bulb. ($280) I have replaced 4 of the bulbs in the last 3 months. It's rated for a 60 - 120 gallon tank. I also have a dual digital timer power strip ($20) that you can set the light to turn...
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    Great Lakes Aquarium 85 gal Tank with center over flow. Tank footprint is 36 x 24 x 22H Great Lakes sump with top off chamber 34x18x19H Stand is furniture grade bought at Great Lakes Tank,sump and stand $350 obo No scratches in excellent condition! Aqua C 120 skimmer comes with mag 5...
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    I have a few thing to trade/sell: All Glass AQuarium Model 3 wet dry sump with return pump trade or 40$ Sold Aqua Sea urchin HOB skimmer trade or 10$sold 48" 4 bulb deep blue t5 fixture (I can only get two lamps to work) trade or 20$ I'm sure someone could get this thing running all 4...
  15. Moby Dick Pet Store
    25% off all butterflies 25% off all snails and crabs Also have some aquatic life T5 fixtures I'm closing out at 35% off 1 24" 4 bulb 1 48" 4 bulb 1 48" 6 bulb
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    ATI 6 bulb T5, Rock, Tanks, Maxi Mini & Clowns I have- Fluval 405- $25 Standard 75 gallon, not drilled, black silicone w/ a stand, stand is in working order, but not perfect- $100 50G Breeder tank, drilled- $40 Pair of Percs- $30 I can be hard to get hold of due to work schedule. Best to...
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    Im selling my 90 gallon with stand, a 29 gallon sump, eshopps overflow, as well as a Aquatic Life Light T-5 6 bulb setup with led moonlights. Everything works and was recently just taken down as I upgraded to a larger tank. Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like to...
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    Various supplies that I thought I was going to need but going a different route now. I always have issues with posting pictures so message me for pictures sorry for the inconvenience. Great Lakes Aquarium 110w w/ overflow 48x24x22 with nice wood stand $300 ATI bubblemaster 200 great condition...
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    I just emptied a nice 90 gallon tank that was running saltwater. This tank includes a nice stand, overflow box, sump and a awsome Aquatic Life Light 48 in 6 bulb with moonlights that is fully functioning. Tank is nice and still have the live sand in it from emptying last nite. Let me know if...
21-39 of 190 Results