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  1. Selling Forums
    I have a 65 gallon drilled acrylic tank and stand. I am upgrading my tank and no longer need it. There are a few scratches but they can be buffed out. I am asking $150 OBO and am open to trades. For more info, please PM or call/text 231-329-2922. Thanks Pictures can be seen on CL ad...Saltwater...
  2. New to the Hobby
    How should I start up a tank with dead rock? I have several pounds of pure white dead rock. I recently put it in a covered tub with RO water with a powerhead outdoors and it is getting some green algae on it. I've read where you can add live sand and/or live rock to it in the aquarium to get...
  3. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I just got a kessil a150w deep blue ocean. Was just wondering if I could use this single light over a 30gallon tank, and get good coral growth.
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for a light that is 30-36" long it can either be a 6 bulb T5 or a T5/halide combo. It needs to fit on my 65 gallon. Looking to spend under $100. You can PM or text 231-329-2922. Thanks
  5. Selling Forums
    i have a coralife sump skimmer rated for over 65 gallon for 100.00 or trade
  6. Selling Forums
    65 gallon full setup. 3ft long, 18in wide, 25in tall. Comes with everything needed, crushed coral, power head, heater, fluval 406 filter, uv sterilizer, bunch of extras, double metal halide light with t5's(aquamedic 2x250w + 2x39w t5) $400 for full setup Please pm me your number or email...
  7. Trading Forums
    I need to clear out some of my old tanks. The largest one is this 65 gallon dims are L48"W12.5"H25". The tank is not drilled and may have a few light scratches it is cleaned up pretty well because I cleaned it this week. I also have a little twenty gallon with the back and sides painted black if...
  8. Selling Forums
    65 Gallon Breeder Tank- SOLD 36x18x24 Drilled, Mega Flow overflow, durso stand pipe plumbing included. Back and bottom glass painted black. Almost perfect condition. Top trim is scratched from the light fixture, sliding back and forth. Clean- $275 100_1938.jpg Photo by sirpatrick1 |...
  9. Reef Discussion
    As the title says I am looking for one person who is willing to come give me a hand moving an a 65 gallon reef tank on Sunday morning. I'll throw in lunch or something to make it worth while. It shouldn't really take too long. I'm located in Ypsilanti mi and would really appreciate the help...
  10. Selling Forums
    This is one of my old setups that i do not use anymore. Aqueon 65 gallon tank. It is in great condition and does not leak at all. I have glass lids for it. asking 150.00 obo 40 gallon long sump tank. Has scratches i only used it as a sump tank. does not leak. asking 30.00 obo Fluval 306...
  11. Trading Forums
    I have a little over 125 pounds of good live rock. I need it gone soon, as I am trying to replace my halides with leds. I'm looking for 250 dollars for all of the live rock, or trade for a nice LED lighting system. I need it gone ASAP!
  12. Selling Forums
    I have a 65 gallon set-up for sale with about twenty pounds of live rock a hob filter t-5 lights a fox face a clown and 4 fire fish $400 obo
  13. Selling Forums
    65 gallon tank will include over flow box or glass holes kit and most the accessors you will need to get it going 150 Separate is the 36 in. Marine lane led light for the tank 75 Then I have a condy anemone for 15 Call 7346492414 image_zpscfa1bf58.jpg Photo by reeftards | Photobucket
  14. Want to Buy
    Looking for a good HOB skimmer to use on my 65 gallon hex reef aquarium
  15. Reef Fish
    Mixed these in a 65 a week ago and thought I would detail the experience. I have had 3 PJ Cardinals in a 100 gallon rubbermaid that has a bunch of live rock in it. I have a 65 gallon tank with a Coral Beauty and a Coral Banded Shrimp, and a couple of small mushrooms. I moved them last week...
  16. Reef Discussion
    i have a 65 gallon tank with sump and stand and would like to know if there is somone who offer this service i will need some one around the week of march 18 please let me know asap send contact info and how this would be done
  17. Selling Forums
    Tank 36 x 24 x 18 - 65 Gallon (Needs cleaning, couple scratches, but with water in looks great) Stand 36 x 24 x 24 (some scratches) Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 1 with Plumbing and 2 filter socks CPR CS 100 Overflow Box with Plumbing and lid as well aqua lifter pump (for siphon) Plumbing...
61-77 of 77 Results