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    Lots of frags for sale, with most prices ranging from $10 - $35. Most frags are mounted on 7/8" plugs. All pics are taken with DSLR under Radion XR15 (100% on UV, violet, royal blue, and blue). The colors are very close to what I see in real life. Frag tank shot included. Make sure to follow...
    $20 USD
  2. Want to Buy
    Good Morning Fellow Reefers, After months of struggles it's finally time to start restocking our 125 gallon that crashed nearly a year ago when a return pump went bad and shocked the entire system causing almost complete loss of everything (one lone clownfish survived). With the...
  3. Want to Buy
    Looking for acans on a budget.
  4. Advanced Topics
    So I see favias all the time that are plump/puffy. My Raphael favia seems to be doing well and eating but looks flat/deflated. My Donatello seems a bit fluffier. Also my acan that I don't have a name for is SUPER puffy. Why would it be so freakishly puffy? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. Selling Forums
    50 gallon breeder rimless reef set up. 20 long sump, pump, heater, 2x current Tru Lumen LED strips, black box LED, about 40 lbs rock, sand, 50g mix Red Sea pro salt unopened, Red Sea foundation test kit, foundation supplements kit, both I did not use much. Also livestock. 2x Rose bubble tips...
  6. Selling Forums
    I am downsizing and refocusing my tank so clearing out some frags/Mini colonies. These frags are huge and most have been encrusted for over 3 months. I will send pictures of specific pieces people are interested in. Can also send most pictures of colonies frags came from. List is sorted with...
  7. Selling Forums
    I am working on clearing out some room for some high end pieces. Let me know if you can help take a few of these pieces out of my tank. Many of these are on the rarer side for this area and you do not come by often. I will also be at the SH swap this weekend. Send me your number for pictures of...
  8. Selling Forums
    I have some frags available, can meet at flint swap Rastas-$5 pp ASD Angel tears - $7 pp all pending Scrambled eggs-$7 pp few left Nirvana -$10 pp few left Gobstoppers-$5pp Sunny d- $5 pp 2 Hollywood stunner chalice 5 inches or bigger- $25 each one left Rainbow acan enchinata -$35 sold Toxic...
  9. Selling Forums
    The time has come to take down my 35g cube reef LOCATED IN BELLAIRE, MI, 49615 Equipment: Tank(20x20x20)-$40 MarsAqua LED- $50 Reef Octopus BH1000-$80 AC110 filter- $25 Jebao RW4- $50
  10. Selling Forums
    I have these 2 in my QT. One of them killed a small fish so I can't put them in my DT. They are both fat and healthy. They are large about 6". $100
  11. Selling Forums
    Hello, Selling all coral from my breakdown first. See list. Send me a PM with your # and I can text you pictures. 4 polyp Acan with babies - $20 12+ polyp Acan red with orange centers - $50 Miami Hurricane Chalice - $10 Ironman Mushroom - $30 Ironman Mushroom Baby - $15 Yellow Ricordia - $15...
  12. Selling Forums
    Have a 95 gallon Corner Acrylic tank with everything you need to run it. Has approximately 100 lbs of rock, 17 different Zoa/Paly frags (Rasta, utter chaos, cinnamon palys, candy apple reds, and more). Three different frogspawn (2X) large colonies and a single head of gold. A large colony of...
  13. Selling Forums
    I have a three rainbow acans I am looking to sell in a package deal for $400. Please SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY plz pm me number and I will send u videos of them. Thanks for looking Only trade I am interested in is an AI prime and the following zoas Find list 1. Acid reflux 2. Darth Maul 3. Yoda...
  14. Selling Forums
    SPS & LPS Colonies and Frags for sale I can bring anything to the Sterling Heights Frag Swap if needed. (Sunday 4/29) Might be up for trades just let me know what you got. I can text higher resolution pictures. Pictures are numbered to match list below. Best way to contact is by text...
1-14 of 500 Results