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  1. Want to Buy
    Looking to purchase an acrylic tank, preferably, 40 to 250 gallons. Willing to buy complete systems, or, tank and stand, or just the tank. Very flexible. Send me some info and I will take a look. Willing and able to honor social distancing, even for payment, as I have Venmo and PayPal.
  2. Trading Forums
    BIOCUBE or NANOCUBE wanted I have much to trade 180 Acrylic aquarium - 72" X 24" X 24" MP40's EcoTech Radion Liverock Bubble Magnus skimmer Custom Sump Pumps Misc equip Text me at 248-8zero8-2four9four
  3. Selling Forums
    240 and 150 Acrylic Aquarium Got a 240 gallon, 150 gallon with stand. 240 dimensions 96" x 18" x 30" tall. $900 150 dimensions 72" x 18" x 26" tall. $700 Nice used tanks. Only willing to negotiate in person! Text me for pictures 810-813-3242 Ryan
  4. Selling Forums
    Too busy with work. Asking only $400 for this beauty. Custom 48"w x 23"deep x 36" tall 1.5" thick acrylic aquarium. This is a showstopper has custom artificial coral. Tank and artificial paid over $2000 for. Includes some led lighting, sump, protein skimmer and various other stuff. No stand...
  5. Selling Forums
    Have a nice used acrylic clarity plus aquarium. Tank is drilled with 2 corner overflows. Tank dimensions are 96" x 24" wide x 30" tall. Tank only $900 Text for pictures. Ryan 810-813-3242.
  6. Want to Buy
    Hi, I want to buy a 180g acrylic aquarium. Thanks, Mark
  7. Selling Forums
    Reeflo Barracuda pump about 3 years old. $100 Puratek RO/DI system including two new carbon filters and a new, unopened RO filter. $130 LED adjustable reef light from Mars Aqua: $50 Local pick up and cash only If interested, i can send you photos.
  8. Selling Forums
    Considering selling off a newly setup tank due to a change in work and downsize back to a saltwater nano. 180 Gallon Acrylic & Furniture Grade Stand -$700 Fluval FX6 x2 - $250 each *3 months of use and all plumbing and attachments are brand new. Jager 200 watt heaters - $30 each 3 months of...
  9. Selling Forums
    600 gallon acrylic aquarium 10ftLx4ftWx2ftH comes with custom stand. 2500 or OBO. Contact Mike Five Eight SIx 8943925
  10. Want to Buy
    Looking to purchase an acrylic aquarium. I'm not terribly picky, but must be bigger than 50 gallons unless it's a unique shape or something like that. I don't have very much to spend either, so preferably looking for something that is scratched up and needs to be buffed out. It does not...
  11. Want to Buy
    Looking For Wet Dry or Sump, Return Pump & Large Heaters I found my aquarium setup I was looking for now I need equipment for the 180. I am looking for a wet dry and or sump, a return pump and a few 200-300 watt heaters.
  12. Selling Forums
    SOLD - For Sale is a JBJ 12 Gal Nano BioCube DX Aquarium Fish Tank last set up for Saltwater. SOLD Also for Sale; Clarity Plus 26 Gallon Flat Back Hexagon Acrylic Aquarium 36" long - $80 OBO Comes with a single bulb light fixture. Local Sale ONLY- CASH ONLY and we can meet in a common open...
  13. Selling Forums
    I have for sale a nice 5/8" to 3/4" thick acrylic tank professionally built , it is an hexagon shape thank (special size and form as seen on picture) , I can provide dimensions if interested but think is about 62" long x 24" deep ; it comes with oak stand and canopy and includes sump and return...
  14. Want to Buy
    Hi! I'm looking for a large acrylic aquarium w/stand. I'm talking 150 gallons - 300 gallons. Must hold water and be in very good condition. Not looking for a fixer upper or anything that needs buffing. No homemade stands. Would like a stand that's real wood and can be restained. Thanks!
  15. Selling Forums
    90 gallon acrylic aquarium with built in overflow / stand / sump / rio 2500 return pump. Has scratches!!! But when full of water they (all but a few) disappear... can only see 2 small scratches (right next to each other) in the front about a 1/4 of an inch long (shown in pictures circled in...
  16. Selling Forums
    Selling my Acrylic main display tank. - SOLD 180 gallon, 24" x 24" x 72" Acrylic, Obviously no leaks. Weighs roughly 70 lbs, so easy for two people to lift. Scratch on bottom right of front face (not significant and have a polishing kit I purchased for $50, if you'd like to buff it out...
  17. Want to Buy
    Looking for a acrylic aquarium, prefer 100+ gallons, by open to about anything. With or with out a stand is fine. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  18. Do It Yourself
    picked up a nice acrylic aquarium and it has some scratches on one end of the front.Im going to sand and buff it out but my question is can i only do the area where the scratches are or do i half to do the whole front of the tank to make it look good.first time dealing with any acrylic tank.
  19. Selling Forums
    I purchased this tank from a fellow reefer and then couldn't get it into my basement without tearing down walls...it needs a good cleaning, but no real scratches at all - Also forgot to mention it has 2 overflows in the back on the far sides and 1 in the middle The back is black and has built...
1-19 of 78 Results