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acrylic aquarium
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    Glo Retrofit ballast - $20, MH Reflector 2' Square Mogul Base installed - $20, 30G tall Acrylic aquarium with Coralife t5 Fixture - $35, Dual 150W MH Pendent Magnetic Ballast with reflectors (no lamps) - $50, Viper 150w MH - $50, CPR Overflow CS102 - $50, Icecap ballast 430 - 35$, 400W Triton...
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    I have a custom shallow acrylic 55 gallon tank, very cool. please respond to my add, not pm me here as I check my email more often. $150 obo Custom acrylic aquarium
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    Still have my tank/stand canopy for sale. 150 gallon acrylic aquarium - 48"L x 24"W x 30"T. 1/2" acrylic, center overflow. A few light scratches, but nothing bad. Needs to have coraline scraped. Furniture grade custom build wood stand and canopy. Stand measures at the widest points (trim) 56...
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    56 gal. acrylic fish tank...SOLD Hello im am selling a 56 gal. acrylic aquarium with a built in center overflow and 30 gal. sump with a mag 9.5 return pump and all the plumbing. The tank comes with a home made stand and canopy. 150$ text or pm me for pics or more info. 6164775809
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    For Sale is a 200 gallon acrylic aquarium it measures 76inchs long 25 inches wide and 24 inches tall. I would like to get $400.00 OBO. I paid $500 for the tank. If interested please message me back. If you leave your number I can text you the picture. My phone isn't letting me upload the picture.
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    56g acrylic aquarium, stand, and canopy--SOLD SOLD Thanks, Chris ---------- Post added 06-27-2013 at 03:23 PM ---------- just lowered the price. realized it was a bit high to begin with.
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    I have a fifteen gallon acrylic aquarium I'd like to get rid of. I bought it used from Preuss. Tank has an overflow and comes with the return pump. It is not drilled, so the overflow is kinda pointless. Could easily be drilled for a sump though. Tank has normal wear from use and comes with the...
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    I got a couple aquariums for sale. I will post pics later tonight. First one is a 60 gallon cube aquarium w/iron stand. In good condition, a few scratches near the bottom. I will throw in an older emperor filter, the larger one with 2bio wheels however it needs new bio wheels as well as an...
  9. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I’m looking for quotes on an acrylic aquarium. Anybody have vendor recommendations? Haven’t made up my mind on either 96”L 30”w 26”T or a 72”L 36”W 24”T. I am leaning toward the 320g.
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    For sale is 125 gallon acrylic aquarium with stand and canopy, built in overflow. Dimensions of the tank are 36x36x30 with stand and canopy height is around 6 feet. 30 gallon sump, all hoses and plumbing, retrofit kit, return pump,led DYI (just need drivers) 4 cooling fans and chiller are...
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    For sale is my 180 gallon Acrylic aquarium with the oak stand. I have polished the tank and it is ready to go. This includes the lighting system which has 3 150W MH and 4 T5's built into the canopy. The bulbs are fairly new with only about a month of use on them. Electronic timers for all the...
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    270g acrylic aquarium ( SOLD ) Huge Custom Aquarium Will sell to MI Reefer members for $1700 a steal for a nice acrylic set up this size with oak stand and canopy. Also a ton of extra's enough to set the tank up plus.
  13. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy 220/300 gallon tank in good condition. Looking for glass, but will consider acrylic.
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    New 220 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium (72x24x30) Dual overflows-one on each end $1200
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    180 gallon acrylic aquarium (center overflow) - $400 Aqua UV 40W sterilizer w/o wiper (2") - $200 Mojano/Aiptasia electronic Zapper (used only once)- $50 10 Gallon quarantine tank w/bottle of Cupramine and whisper pump - $10 2 - 55 gallon barrels w/plumbing - $25 ea 50 gallon rubbermaid...
  16. Want to Buy
    Looking for a large acrylic aquarium-180 or larger . It doesn't really matter if its scratched up a bit. As long as it doesn't leak. I have a 57 gallon rimless with all the fixens...(skimmer, LED's, etc..) extremely clean, that I may be willing to trade. But I might just keep that for a...
  17. Want to Buy
    Looking to upgrade my QT tank. I'm looking for an acrylic tank 50 - 75 gallons, no longer than 4'. It doesn't have to be in the best shape, just no cracks. Let me know what you've got.
  18. Selling Forums
    I will update this thread as I find more things to part ways with. Tanks: (2) 10 Gallon Aquariums - good used condition - $5 each (3) 2.5 Gallon Aquariums - with glass lid and small heater - $10 each all for $25 - great for culturing pods. (1) 55 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium - used as sump - no...
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    90 gallon and 30 gallon hex -- PRICES LOWERED I have 2 tanks for sale: 90 gallon glass aquarium drilled for a 1.5 inch bulkhead. Comes with custom built stand. (very sturdy) Stand does not come with the cabinet doors, you would have to make/buy some. -- $175 obo 30 gallon hexagon acrylic...
  20. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Hopefully a few of you have attempted this, or encountered this issue. I recently purchased a new acrylic tank, which of course is is molded on top. So when you have power heads, etc in your tank, the option would be to run your cords to the openings, or to drill a few holes in the top and run...
41-60 of 78 Results