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    I have 2 AIs and 1 Kessil for sale. I will sell each light individually, but they come as a light/mount combo. Each light has been used: 5 months for AI Hydras and 2 months for Kessil. Each light is in perfect working order without any visible defects. Local pickup only. AI Hydra 26 HD with...
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    4 AI Hydra 26HDs- black. 1 NIB- 320 local pickup 3 used less than 50hrs- 300 local pickup take all 4 for 1100 -pickup 72'' or 60'' AI HMS rail and arms. 100$ - pickup
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    Have 1 Hydra 26HD black NIB- $340 have 3 that have under 50 hours of use on them, black. $320 have diffusers for all from 3DReefing. 20$ AI HMS rail system, either 60 or 72'' rail, your choice. 100$
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    Have 4 x AI Hyrda 52 HD for sale. No diodes out on any of them. They look amazing and are super bright. None of the channels were used over 70% (most under 30%). Easy to control with WiFi, no controller required. Will come in original boxes. Grew SPS, LPS in a 72 x 30 x 24"H system. They get the...
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    AI HYDRA 52HD - Black - With Mounting Arm. AI Hydra 52HD Black with mounting arm - 450 LittleOcean Media cups for RedSea Reefers- 30 shoot me a text and I can send pics 734-347-1141
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    I have an AI Hydra 26HD still wrapped in plastic. Opened box just to look & make sure all was there. $310 shipped or $290 local pickup. Can send pics not sure how to upload on here anymore. 586-258-8752 Jeff
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    I have 2 AI Hydra 26 HDs with arm available for sale. Theses have only been used for 4 months each at around less than 50% power. These are ready to go now. $325 each. If you would like a picture. Please shoot me a PM with your phone number.
  8. Members Tanks
    A progress and update on my 90 gallon upgrade: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0-4pS-EKI82WqeeWOrvdQ/videos?view_as=subscriber
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    I will be posting more about this (to include pictures) this evening, but want to get the post started now. If you have any interest in a ZeroEdge tank, keep an eye on this post as I update it! :) If you don't know what a ZeroEdge tank is, punch it into YouTube and check out videos...they're...
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    Looking for one of these led lights.
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    Ai Hydra HD 26 NEW~~SOLD~~ ~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~ please mark as sold.. So I have decided to go a different way with the new tank..Therfore I Have Two AI Hydra HD 26's for sale These lights are basically brand new.. Bought them several months ago but only just put them on the new tank a few weeks...
  12. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I have a 59 gallon breeder tank currently running a reef breeder 200 watt system that is about 2 years old everything grows great i just dont like the look of the lights thinking about two ai hydra hds Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE PLEASE READ BELOW!!! As of yesterday (05/18/16) all of the coral/livestock has been removed from the tank and now the equipment etc is all for sale. As expected the strongest interest I have gotten on equipment so far has centered mostly around the skimmer (nice reef...
1-15 of 18 Results