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  1. Reef Discussion
    Good evening all, I would like to donate my Koran angel to a nice home tank because I have a 75 gallon and he is getting much stronger and bigger
  2. Want to Buy
    Looking for a Queen Angelfish. Have a large aquarium with other 5 to 7" fish, so nothing too small.
  3. Trading Forums
    **GONE*** Free fish to a good home Hi all, I have had my current tank (90 gallon) for about 3 years now, but travel, new family members and hectic work schedule are not allowing me to spend as much time on the hobby as it needs. Therefore I am going to start shutting down the tank and need to...
  4. Premium Aquatics
    Premium Aquatics livestock showroom is OPEN this Saturday January 5th and would like to first off thank everyone for their patronage and support in 2018!* We had another great year in the warehouse because of YOU and are thanking our local livestock customers with yet another great way to save...
  5. Premium Aquatics
    Save up to 20% Can Food Drive Saturday Hours 12-3pm * Premium Aquatics is open again this 1st weekend of December and have a lot of great livestock!* We hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and found some great deals out there.* If not, we have a ton of great deals left in the warehouse and...
  6. Fish Disease Treatment
    Lots of questions for treating protozoa in a quarantine tank! Please read and help. I have a 55gal quarantine with a mappa puffer, queen angelfish, and harlequin tuskfish at the moment, and unfortunately am struggling with some sort of protozoa. The symptoms are very different between the...
  7. Selling Forums
    I have a coral beauty angelfish that is about 5" long. The color on this fish is exceptional. Price is $30
  8. Premium Aquatics
    Premium Aquatics has restocked this week and has some beautiful fish in store for you this weekend!* We have reloaded the standard community fish, as well as some of our staples here like the yellow tangs, tomini tangs, and foxface.* But we brought in a few cool specimens this week like the...
  9. Selling Forums
    $400 firm have had him over a year, previous owner had him over a year, eats like a pig and loves to throw small rocks. Hate to part with him but something came up and need the cash. Pick up in Columbus, MI 48063. May meet if not too far.
  10. Selling Forums
    Hey everyone, First time post. Is anyone is interested in a very healthy Pygmy angel. Super healthy and to be honest love um. A joy to have but along with eating everything I put in he loves my hammer coral as well. Yes, I know. I'm aware of the risk and will let him nip at it if I don't find a...
  11. Do It Yourself
    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my current 400g acrylic to something closer to 1600 gallons due to the growing size of my angelfish. For this project, I plan to build a Plywood Aquarium with a glass front, as that gives me the most flexibility in design, strength, and cost. I've already built a...
  12. Fish Disease Treatment
    Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my fish. I do not have any tank parameters as I have just moved a few months ago and am still unpacking things. the fish are in a store display style system until I can set my DT back up. I'll try to find my test kits but with as much stuff as I have...
  13. Selling Forums
    Tons of FW fish need gone ASAP + Commercial Units Huge group of freshwater fish for sale. Would like gone ASAP. Unable to ship. About 50 African cichlids (mixed victorians, peacocks, haps, mbuna, and Tanganyikans), 8 blood parrots, 2 electric blue jack Dempsey, 3 brazilian geophagus, 2...
  14. Selling Forums
    Sadly I am getting out of the hobby for a while and need to sell my fish Angels male scribbled angel 8-10".... $350 ( paid $700 from liveaquaria 2 years ago) French angel 10-12" (dinner plate).....$200 annularis angel 8-10"..... $200 blue face angel 3-5".....$150 blue angel (poor mans queen)...
  15. Selling Forums
    I'm selling my older model Oceanic Biocube. Everything is spoken for. Tank - 150 (needs fans replaced). Reduced 150 for tank and stand - [COLOR="Red"] pending :victory:
1-16 of 94 Results