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  1. Reef Discussion
    50 pounds http://www.7springsfarm.com/aragonite-raw-0-0-0-ca-38-50-lb/ thoughts?
  2. Selling Forums
    I have two of these looking for $25 ea.
  3. Selling Forums
    110 Flat Back Hexagon Acrylic Tank W/ Custom Hardwood Stand Stand is stained with Providence stain. Stand building materials is worth over $1,500. Stand does not have doors on front. 1 overflow Closed top tank with acrylic doors No major scratches- few minor scratches that can very easily be...
  4. Selling Forums
    96x18x24 glass tank 44x13x18 glass chambered sump- fits under stand Reef octopus hy-7000w return pump 1" scwd "switching current water director" Stand and canopy 6- 36" true lumen pro led lights 200 lbs aragonite/crushed coral 2- 300w finnex heaters Any live rock that's left Make me a...
  5. Selling Forums
    Crushed coral/aragonite sand mixture (several hundred pounds available)~$5 per 5g bucket full (bring your own containers). Pick up in White Lake,Mi.48386
  6. Selling Forums
    ATI 6 bulb T5, Rock, Tanks, Maxi Mini & Clowns I have- Fluval 405- $25 Standard 75 gallon, not drilled, black silicone w/ a stand, stand is in working order, but not perfect- $100 50G Breeder tank, drilled- $40 Pair of Percs- $30 I can be hard to get hold of due to work schedule. Best to...
  7. Trading Forums
    ATI 6 bulb T5, Rock, Tanks, Maxi Mini & Clowns I have- Fluval 405 Standard 75 gallon, not drilled, black silicone w/ a stand, stand is in working order, but not perfect 50G Breeder tank, drilled Pair of percs Am looking for- Return pump 700-900 gph, internal Maxi Jet 900-1200's, in good...
  8. Want to Buy
    Need 100# sand and or crushed coral and rock depending on what it looks like. No super heavy chunks of base rock.. ill pay well for nice pieces...also I'll buy some lace rock that's been in saltwater if it' nice....pictures of rock welcome with attached price tag
  9. Selling Forums
    I just took the water out my tank so now I can list it. 90 gal glass tank and stand with Conor overflow $75 C20B6500-8CD4-4823-A80F-B4F7FDCE6613_zpszvt0bacl.jpg Photo by medeleric | Photobucket 8521228D-4AC8-4DD5-975A-F5D1C146BFCC_zpsiahwxxow.jpg Photo by medeleric | Photobucket 4ftx2ft frag...
  10. Want to Buy
    Like the title says ,I'm looking for 300-400 lbs to give me a nice sand bed in my 250dd!
  11. Selling Forums
    Selling this AGA 180g (72x24x24) drilled in the bottom with dual megaflow overflows and oak stand and canopy. Tank is in very good shape, only scratch is a minor one maybe 2" long in the top right corner almost above the water line. Otherwise glass is in great shape. No chips whatsoever. I set...
  12. Advanced Topics
    Hello reefers, Has anyone used Texas Holy Rock to raise PH? My understanding is that it's a type of limestone that contains high levels of calcium carbonate that is ideal for increasing PH. Please tell me the good, the bad, and ugly.
  13. Selling Forums
    20# live "Hawaiian black" aragonite sand. - $5 Rinsed. Currently in a container with heater and powerhead. 1yr. old, no pests. Both live and dry rock ~20-30#s - $20 Three largest pieces are 3-4#s, live, and in container w/ heater/powerhead. They are stained green as they've been in my tank...
  14. Selling Forums
    Updated for sold items 93 gallon marineland frameless cube aquarium with corner flow (30x30x24). Includes stand, star fire lid, sump, skimmer(with pump), sand and return pump. Everything's less than 6 months old and has no scratches SOLD 100lbs of live rock 1.00lb or 90 takes it allSOLD Ai...
  15. Selling Forums
    I have some dry marco rock and dry aragonite sand that has never been opened. It is sitting in a storage unit in GR waiting for my 240 gal tank to go up. Not sure if or when that will be and need the money. What I have: 160# bahama fine aragonite sand: paid $109 40# prime cut key largo rock...
  16. Selling Forums
    A brand new container of arm brand aragonite Medea. I don't use a reactor. $10
  17. Selling Forums
    Howdy Gents. Cleaning out the fish room and time to off-load a few items I've not been using. 1. Aqua-C EV 120 Skimmer with Mag 5 Pump, discharge connections and ball valve, and overflow setup. Few years old, works and looks fine. No leaks, no problems. My maintenance schedule has never...
1-17 of 63 Results