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  1. Advanced Topics
    Some of my Zoa's have been looking rough lately. I feed cyclopeeze, coral frenzy and DT's. My temp is 78, ammonia o, nitrate 0, Phosphate 0, Calcium 400PPM, Salinity is 1.025 and I have a T% hood. They were doing wonderfully until just recently. Also my acans don't puff up like the used to...
  2. Softies & LPS
    i have a frogspawn with 4 little buds on the truck are they baby ones coming in
  3. Members Tanks
    This is my first SW. Purple Star polyps, Green Star palys, Yellow Star polyps, Green Implosion zoa, Devil's Armor zoa, GBP zoas, Superman mushroom, CUC. Fish free at the moment.
  4. Softies & LPS
    went to my LFS today and picked up a sweet new Coral!
  5. Selling Forums
    OK. So I guess the quickest route is to part it out. I am getting out completely for now so I can go to Grace Bible College. I'm selling everything I have: 90 gallon glass tank with built-in overflow: $150 Custom stand, canopy: $75 40 gallon tall sump: $30 $220 for all $700 for entire setup...
  6. Anemones & Clownfish
    ORA Platinum and Naked Clown Pair Pics Please feel free to comment or ask questions.
  7. Freshwater and Terrariums
    So, my daughter has 2 female and 1 male swordtail (freshwater). I went up to her room last night to feed them since she is gone till Sunday... well.. I saw two little bug eyes looking at me... I yelled for hubby to come help me save a baby... Ha.. A BABY... not... 2 hours later, an empty tank...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    My 9 year old is really upset that I havent bred any fish since starting my reef tank in april 05. She remembers when dad was single and i had several hundred various cichlids monthly. She has also accussed me of turning my back on FW fish!!! That kinda hurts, a lot , still stings. I am...
  9. Livestock Breeding
    Ok, so I have several hundred juvenile clowns at this point but I just noticed that 1 (one) has a deformed, curved, spine. He's doing just fine and holds his own with the others. He's healthy in every other way. Of course I wouldn't try to sell him as "normal" but, I'm having a hard time...
  10. Softies & LPS
    Thought I would share this with the "hardcore" LPS guys in this forum. About every three to four months or so my brain coral "blows a bubble". It begins looking like the picture and after a while it starts to droop. Eventually the flesh between the bubble and the main colony gets very thin...
  11. Anemones & Clownfish
    after a few months of waiting they finally laid their eggs. its their first time so hopefully they do it some more and i can try and raise some of their babies.
  12. Trading Forums
    Time to say goodbye to my babies.:( I have 16 Clarkii Clowns, captive bred tank raised. They are around 1" to 1-1/2" , growing fast, and eating a variety of foods. Will trade for nicer corals (prefer LPS or Rics) or sell at 10$ each, 2 for 15$ Pick up only near Jackson Mi Pics here from hatch...
  13. Selling Forums
    Everything is first come, first served unless held by a paypal deposit. Thanks, too many no shows in the past. Mag 2: $25 PRICE DROP: $20 Tunze Powerhead (An older one, I will check the model number) puts out nice wide flow: $45
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Just thought I'd show you guys my newborn baby Garter Snakes born two days ago. There are 25 total. Mom, named Supra (soo-pra) is over three feet long and each baby is near 4-6 inches. Mom: Babies: They are perfect mini replicas of their mom. :)
  15. Zoanthid
    I notice last night my bam bams center are turning a blackish/purplish color. Its just a frag with two parents and 3 babies. They are wide open. Any help would be appreciated. ---------- Post added at 07:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:21 PM ---------- bump for some help
  16. Trading Forums
    pair fish/kenya tree's Awsome pair of blue devil damsel with great personality,mostly the male he is a riot. the pictured male below is nearly a record the biggest recorded tru blue devil male is 3.3''.THIS GUY IS ABOUT 3.2'' RIGHT NOW AND VERY HEALTHY. Bright colors yellow tail with the white...
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Stole this from another site, never have done it but I still feel terrible! Wife only made it halfway thru before she lost it. Loyalty -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your...
  18. Anemones & Clownfish
    i was checking out my tank the other day and noticed that in my hob skimmer something was moving around in there... upon further inspection there are about 30-40 little mini guppie looking things. my clowns must have spawned and the babies got sucked into the skimmer. there is lighting and algea...
  19. Livestock Breeding
    It appears that my two blue damsels have laid eggs. The bigger one of the pair wont leave the rock where what looks like eggs appear to be and attacks anything that goes near it. The smaller one swims around the outside and attacks anything that goes too close. They are being extremely...
  20. Anemones & Clownfish
    has anyone on here ever tried cutting a rock anemone in half? i've done bta and a few others this way but never tried these guys. i would just do it but i have only one and would rather not have it croak on me. just a little reassurance that it can be done is all im lookin for. thanks
481-500 of 500 Results