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    Here's a few frags from my frag rack. SPS LPS ZOA open to trades 1. Big r Walt Disney (1) $50 2. Asd rainbow (1) $45 3. Rrc aussie gold large frag(1) $35 4. Green slimmer acro (1) $15 5. Copper flame milli (1) $35 6. Jf slow burn (1) $10 7. Forest fire (1) $10 8. Setosa (2) $10 9. Cali tort...
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    I have the followings for sale: A pair of snowflake maroon clowns 2" $50 2 baby rainbow nems 1-2" $15 each sea urchin short spine $15 blue velvet damselfish free with any purchase All price are obo. Text to 248two27five2finve7 for pictures.
  3. Members Tanks
    Just wanted to introduce our newest reef...
  4. Selling Forums
    Looking to sell or trade sps frags. I took sometime off from corals (had a baby, no free time). Now i’m looking to expand my sps collection! Text 248.804.8463 MC paparazzi Milli $40 Rr Aussie gold $20 Setosa $10 Forest fire Digi $15 Tri color valida $15 Jf slow burn Monti $15 Green slimmer $10
  5. Trading Forums
    Anyone interested in trading a large skimmer (400g+) for a large fat head (going to split soon) plus with a baby head of Dragon soul torch coral? Might take trades on other equipment also. LEDs, pumps, cash, ect. Must meet at the Lansing or flint swap, unless you are local.
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    I have 40 gal Breeder size glass rimless sump and ATO tank same length and height to match sump and both fit nice on a 120 gal tank area (4***8217; x 2***8217. Selling both for $100
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    This is what I have left to sell. Once these are gone I will be listing all equipment from my 270 gallon reef. All prices are OR BEST OFFER. I need to get rid of what is left in the next 2-3 weeks. PLEASE TEXT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THIS SITE FOR MESSAGES 248...
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    50 gallon breeder rimless reef set up. 20 long sump, pump, heater, 2x current Tru Lumen LED strips, black box LED, about 40 lbs rock, sand, 50g mix Red Sea pro salt unopened, Red Sea foundation test kit, foundation supplements kit, both I did not use much. Also livestock. 2x Rose bubble tips...
  9. Other Invertebrates
    I have a baby BTA and he has been fine barely moving around on this one rock and this morning I found him perched on my yellow polyps directly in the center of their colony. Should I try and move him or just leave him be? I don't want him to kill the Corals and then them die off and cause...
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    Have a few corals I'd like moved out of my lagoon and into your tanks! Call or text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. brain coral (favia) green with light blue mouths - $20 lg (1), $10 sm (4) Ricordia (pale pink/purple) - $20lg (2), $20sm (3-4 cluster) Idaho grape monti - $20 each (4) Green...
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    Reefers, $1200 - This is hell of a deal for the custom set up and collectors corals. First come first serve basis. Please PM me. I am moving and need to sell my custom set up by GLA, I designed it with them and got it built. It has about 3yrs of use on it. Display dimensions: 36*36*24 inchs...
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    All sold thank you everyone plz close
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  14. Selling Forums
    I am selling my high end zoa collection, with another baby coming in next few weeks I could use the money. The number after name is polyp count a lot might have more now, then price after for entire zoa on disk. I priced them super cheap to move them. If you get multiple you get a better deal...
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    3/31/19 - FINAL BUMP - ANYTHING LEFT BY THE END OF APRIL IS GOING TO MY FAVORITE LOCAL FISH STORE AND WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR 5x WHAT I WOULD TAKE. Shutting down my 270 Gallon reef system. I have chalices, acros, montis, favia, brains, zoas, leathers, you name it. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BUY ALL OF...
  16. Reef Discussion
    Last week my son and I visited the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. While we were there one of the keepers told us about a large nurse shark with a badly bent tail. When she was a baby, a woman bought her and raised the shark. She quickly outgrew the 2 foot tank she had, so the woman bought a 4...
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    Hello, Selling all coral from my breakdown first. See list. Send me a PM with your # and I can text you pictures. 4 polyp Acan with babies - $20 12+ polyp Acan red with orange centers - $50 Miami Hurricane Chalice - $10 Ironman Mushroom - $30 Ironman Mushroom Baby - $15 Yellow Ricordia - $15...
  18. Selling Forums
    Selling one baby with red coming in. Can meet within reason. For faster response text: (734)629-207three
  19. Members Tanks
    A progress and update on my 90 gallon upgrade: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0-4pS-EKI82WqeeWOrvdQ/videos?view_as=subscriber
  20. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy some softies for my tank. I’m interested in leathers, Kenya trees, a green polyp toadstool, colt coral, etc. let me know what you have. Not really looking for any zoas/palys atm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
1-20 of 306 Results