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    Changing up my livestock a bit. Prefer local pickup but might be able to meet somewhere in the GR/Muskegon area. PM me for pictures. To note, these are much bigger than what LiveAquaria offers and priced between LA and BlueZoo prices. Neon Dottyback captive bred ORA $40 I'd guess about 3...
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    Thinking about moving on from the hobby and looking to move a few things. Reef Octopus SRO-5000 In-Sump Protein Skimmer Footprint: 17.5" x 11" | Body Diameter: 10" | Height: 24" Powered by: Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster 5000 Pinwheel Pump $250.00 I will have around 100+ pounds of rock $1.50 per...
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    Banded sea star for sale...$15 Come get it before I take it to the LFS. 734-658-7924
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    Tank swap/breakdown left these guys looking for a new home. One I've had more than a decade, very generous size. The other I've had about a year, small/medium. Take one or both, free to good homes only please. Pickup in Commerce Township (Beacon Hill golf course sub, you can use the clubhouse...
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    Im selling off all my fish. My 220`s seal let go and I'm going to take a long break. Here is a list of what i have left. Purple tang 4 "120.00 , yellow tang 5" 45.00, Blue hippo tang 6" 75.00 , falco hawk 2.5" 15.00 , royal gramma 2" 15.00, 6 line wrasse 15.00 , orchard dotty back 20.00 ...
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    4 bulb T5 light fixture Canister filtration unit 50# of live rock Circulation pumps heater Buy the setup and I will throw in all the livestock for free Coral banded Shrimp Clown fish Blue cleaner wrasse Half black angel fish Mushrooms Green star polyps xenia and more pictures available by...
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    Have a small mocha clown fish 1.5" long partner jump out. $10 Large banded pistol shrimp very good at Excavating sand. $10 Text me for pictures Ryan 810-813-3242 ---------- Post added 08-21-2017 at 05:57 PM ---------- Trade for frag of something.
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    NOT AVAILABLE !!FREE - Coral Banded Shrimp + More GONE!!! NOT AVAILABLE Free to good home: one coral banded shrimp, and one carpet anemone about 4" diameter (plus I think it's splitting). Both are healthy, just have personal preference and would rather have another shrimp. You'll have to...
  9. Reef Discussion
    Well Ive been out of the hobby for six year and started a tank. I made the mistake of broadcast feeding in my tank one time and it over night it seemed like everything was getting covered. I did some water changes and went to get a clean up crew. The guy at trop sold me astria snails. He said...
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    Large Coral Banded Shrimp for sale. I have had it for 3-4 years. $10.00 or best offer - needs a new home. Text me at 586-321-6520. Thanks for looking. Be well!
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    Well sense I moved my hours have took off. Chore list gotten huge and we'll tanks have gotten neglected. So time to sell off what I have for live stock. Saline fin tang large 50 Blue hippo tang 45 med large Blue damask 3 Haven't decided on doing a full shut down or just major down size. If...
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    The Hydor Koralia Wavemaker 4 is required to control Koralia 12V pumps. Koralia Wavemaker 4 Specs: ***8226; Controls up to 4 Koralia 12V Powerheads ***8226;Night mode slows pumps to simulate calmer night conditions* ***8226;Precise easy programming ***8226;Simulates wave or tide effects...
1-12 of 46 Results