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  1. Selling Forums
    Reef Dynamics BPR-500 like new $300.00 Excellent condition and working order Buyer pays cost on shipping Text: 734-626-3660
  2. Selling Forums
    2 Bio pellet reactors for sale they were used for a short time and they are clean: Reef Dynamics 135 this reactor can be used in or outside your sump 19" tall $150.00 Bio Matrix reactor, it is the middle size 17" tall $100 I could attend the swap tomorrow. I will have to email pics.
  3. Selling Forums
    Orange setosa (sps) frags $15 20 gallon tank with black wood cabinet stand, led light, some decorations, freshwater gravel $30.00(SOLD) Fuzzy purple stylo (sps) frags $15 Pink birdnest (sps) $15 Reef dynamics 135 bio pellet reactor (like new) $150 Biotek bio pellet reactor (like new) $70...
  4. Selling Forums
    BR-140 Biopellet Reactor - Reef Octopus Default pic but unit is clean and in excellent condition.
  5. Want to Buy
    Does anyone have any bio pellets that you are not going to use for sale?
  6. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Curious to see if anyone is running a bio pellet reactor and what their experience is using one. I've been seeing these popping up in more aquariums and I'd like to know if anyone is seeing results. Also have heard running the reactor outlet directly to your skimmer is a must. Anyone doing that...
  7. Reef Discussion
    I've been reading up on the many methods reefers use to cycle their tanks and I'm trying to determine a solid option to do so. Any input would be great, so I will tell you guys about the tank. I have a 75g display with a 30g sump. It has been filled with water and live sand since 3/5 and I...
  8. Selling Forums
    Looking to sell my biopellet reactor. Don't need it since I have a NextReef MR1 reactor right now. This thing is great. Has a sicce syncra 1.5 pump on it. They sell for $170 new, looking to only get $75 55 for it. Can ship but at the cost of the buyer. PM is best way to contact me
  9. Want to Buy
    Hey guys, I am looking for a Reef dynamic bio pellet reactor. I have coral and snowflake clowfish for trade as well as other equipment. If you have one you would like to part with please let me know\ Thanks Road
  10. Want to Buy
    Hi I'm looking to by a pellet reactor set something ot fit my 60 cube if anyone has 1 there looking to part with shoot me a pm with price n location pic would be helpful as well thanks Ray
  11. Selling Forums
    Cadlight Bio Pellet BP Reactor. Used on 200 gallons and works great. Works like new. Cleaned up and ready to go. First 100 and get two free SPS frags your choice
  12. New to the Hobby
    Needed help ASAP please. Just got home from work saw my pump leaking. There was few gallons in the basement. My pump was leaking from the shaft area. If anyone have a pump that you are not using and would like to sale it please text me or call. It's a Hammerhead ReeFlo If you are close to this...
  13. Selling Forums
    As the title said, 1. Reef Octopus BRH 90 Biopellet Reactor (Used for few months) almost brand new. I paid $150. Asking $100 obo Reef Octopus BRH 90 Photo by AYGurgies | Photobucket 2. Emperor Aquatics Smart UV Sterilizer 25W (Used for 6 months) almost brand new. I paid $268. Asking $175 obo...
  14. Want to Buy
    Hey I'm looking for a bio pellet reactor to use on one of my freshwater tanks. I'm gonna run K2 plastic pond media in it. Let me know what you guys have Thanks, Chris
  15. Advanced Topics
    I was emailing my dad, rablett, about using bio pellets on his tank and giving him a run down of the research I have done on them. He mentioned I should post it here so thats what Ill do. Might be good to have an open discussion about people's experience with pellets as they dont seem to be...
  16. Reef Discussion
    I have had some frustrating moments with bio pellets recently and have heard of a few others ditching them. I have had undetectable Nitrate and Phosphate ever since I started this tank but find myself scraping my glass every three days and have a very thin layer of brown algae on my sand and I...
  17. Selling Forums
    Eshopps psk-100H skimmer $85 SOLDphosban 550 reactor $40avast mr5 media reactor with bio pellet nozzle$40 SOLDCoralife 150w HQI clamp light w/14k & 20k bulbs, only used for 3 months. $90I will be attending the burton swap. ---------- Post added 09-21-2013 at 06:17 AM ---------- offers accepted!
1-17 of 34 Results