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  1. Want to Buy
    Hello everyone, I have just recently graduated college and have decided to rejoin the hobby (had to quit the hobby during high school to focus on school). I really love the look of the biocube tank and am looking to buy a used in good condition biocube 29g tank. If anyone has one for sale or...
  2. New to the Hobby
    First off all, i am new to Salt water hobbie and have veryless knowledge . I am writing up this thread to get best suggestions from the people who had well hands on experience. Basically everyone I got a used Biocube 29G and trying to set it up. I have gone through lot of forums and videos but...
  3. New to the Hobby
    Hello everyone, ultra noob here. I was given a free biocube tank but no lighting and by the looks of it, I can easily save quite a bit of money by making my own. (It would be dimmable, have color spectrum control and night/day timer) I'm very technically proficient but new to the reef...
  4. Selling Forums
    Very nice 29 Gallon Biocube Tank with stand and a few extras. Tank was bought in hopes to learn the salt tank hobby but now have run out of room and time. Asking $180 OBO Hoping to move it this weekend. Please text (248) 459-8447 for pictures, questions or interest INCLUDES: 29G Biocube...
  5. New to the Hobby
    I am still pretty new to reefing and have been researching on the larger sites (mainly nano-reef) but I came across this local forum and thought it would be a good idea to join. I have had my biocube 29 going for about 4 months now and things are going well. I live in the SW corner of Michigan...
  6. Want to Buy
    Hey guys, anyone know where I can buy or have custom made a glass or acrylic top for a biocube 29, I just upgraded to an led non retro fit and am worried my fish might jump out.
  7. Selling Forums
    Hi all - Moving in a few months so I'm gonna try to sell this setup again. Wasn't successful before and just gave up. For Sale: No Livestock Biocube 29 gallon Biocube 29 stand AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 2 Ecoxotic Panorama LED strips Heater Korallia Powerhead Old Livesand -...
  8. Selling Forums
    I'm selling my older model Oceanic Biocube. Everything is spoken for. Tank - 150 (needs fans replaced). Reduced 150 for tank and stand - [COLOR="Red"] pending :victory:
  9. Trading Forums
    Hi I have a few things I'd like to trade 1st I have a 37gal cube that sits on a biocube 29 stande tank is not drilled an needs a good cleaning has sand in it 2nd t have a 6stage RoDi system its a water General rd102 I believe its a 100gpd has all hook ups for tiein it in to ur plumbing will need...
  10. Want to Buy
    Let me know what you have. I presently don't have the space for a larger tank than I have now, so I am thinking that until I do, I will just get a second tank :-) I need an AIO since I don't have room for another stand. I am thinking that a 29 cube will look nice on my kegerator :-)
  11. Want to Buy
    I have been looking into buying a, or a few seahorse for my biocube 29. Wanted to reach out to the mi reefers family befor I try to get some from an LFS. Does anyone know some one who breeds them or wants to sell some, or of a shop that has some in if none of the above?
  12. Want to Buy
    Looking for led lighting setup for my 14g biocube
  13. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    So about a year ago I switched my Oceanic Biocube to run only Ecoxotic LED Panoramic lights. I have 4 12" strips in there one White, one Actinic, a Maroon and a "UV". I have learned that LED UV lights are total "B.S" so I've been considering switching back to the original lighting and using...
  14. Want to Buy
    Looking for the basics.... Stand, tank, pumps....
  15. Want to Buy
    I need an original Oceanic Biocube 29 hood with working compact flourescents. I've hacked up/modified mine up for LED's and am getting shitty growth so I'm gonna try and go back to the original setup. I could buy -a whole tank if necessary would prefer a -hood in good shape. feel free to text...
  16. Want to Buy
    looking to ease my way back into the hobby. Looking for a biocube or nano cube setup to get me started
  17. Selling Forums
    $185 Pump works great. It's one of the backups for my main system but I'm trying to setup my new Biocube 29. Also open to trades for ATO, LED lighting for Biocube, or media basket. Also have a large Vlamingii tang ($125) and a Japanese Swallow Tail Angel ($75)available. Both beautiful...
  18. Want to Buy
    Hi, I am moving soon and would really like a biocube to move my aquarium in to . If you have one please let me know where your at and how much your asking. The aquarium does not have to be empty just looking for one soonish.
  19. Selling Forums
    Selling a new biocube. asking $140 obo The tank its self is brand new never seen water. The lid is like new but used for several months. Includes 10k and atinic bulbs and blue led module, pump and filter. Tank is still in the original packaging. The bad news is that i lost the 3 pins that lock...
  20. Selling Forums
    Selling a new in box coralife biocube 29 Tank and pump only. Does not come with lid. Asking $75 or best offer
1-20 of 46 Results