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    Cleaning out storage have a few reactors for sale. Hang On Back HOB Refugium-$40 8500GPH External Pump-$100 Large Bashsea Coil Nitrate Reactor -$50 Bashsea Media Reactor, missing an O ring -$30 SKIMZ Monster Biopellet Reactor. BioPellets Included. -$70 Send me a number or email address for pics.
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    150 watt preset heater. $5 5 Truelumen pro 12 inch lights. 3 actinic 2 actinic/white combo with power supply and dimmers. $60. Grew corals in nano nicely. 40 gallon acrylic quarantine tank with penguin 350 filter $40 Blueline temperature controller and 500 watt titanium heating element. $40...
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    Kessil H80 with Gooseneck=$125+Shipping Apex Classic (Brain, EB8, 2x Temp, 2xPH, ORP, Display, PM2+Salinty Probe, WXM, Breakout box)=$525+Shipping Neptune Probe Holder=$30+shipping Aquamaxx Carbon/GFO=$50+Shipping Aquamaxx Biopellet=$75+Shipping Maxspect Gyre 250's=$385+shipping (only a few...
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    Updated 5.1.18. Got a few things that I want to get out of my basement. Text or Call me at 81zero-8seven5-0001 Reef Octopus BR-70 biopellet reactor. Comes with 1L of unopened pellets and mag 9.5 to drive it all $100 for everything. Break-down - Reactor - $50, Mag 9.5 - $40, Pellets - $30...
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    Looking for a biopellet reactor and live rock
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    BR-140 Biopellet Reactor - Reef Octopus Default pic but unit is clean and in excellent condition.
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    All, Have the following for sale. PayPal or cash only. BM-T01 with BM Doser shelf - $175 TYD. EcoTech Marine XR15 RMS - $60 TYD Skimz RR93 fluidized or biopellet reactor (works for either) - $85 TYD. Tunze 3155 ATO - $140 TYD. Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Basic + add'l PB4 + SLV2 Module - $175...
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    Looking to sell my biopellet reactor. Don't need it since I have a NextReef MR1 reactor right now. This thing is great. Has a sicce syncra 1.5 pump on it. They sell for $170 new, looking to only get $75 55 for it. Can ship but at the cost of the buyer. PM is best way to contact me
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    Looking for an Apex PM1 module. Have stuff to trade if you need something - biopellet reactor, gfo reactor, Taco pump, Hannah checker (NIB), etc. Otherwise, cash of course. Let me know if you have something. Thanks!
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    I currently run GFO and will occasionally have algae outbreaks. I am thinking of adding a biopellet reactor. GFO removes phosphates, the biopellet reactor removes phosphates and nitrates. If I run the GFO, will it remove the phosphates needed by the bacteria in the biopellet reactor? Can I...
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    (3) Icecap 660 Ballasts with harnesses. Work good. $50 for all 3! I remember when these used to go for over $100 each. Icecaps_zpsa2ecf0fe.jpg Photo by jck3120 | Photobucket Vertex BioPellet Reactor with half bag of new biopellets $50 (sorry old pic before I cleaned it). Biopellets alone are...
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    T5 lighting. 8 end caps 4 Bulbs 2 work horse 5 ballasts 6 reflectors $100 Jebao controller $10 200w heater $5 $15 JNS Biopellet reactor ATB pellets $100 ---------- Post added 11-25-2014 at 07:53 PM ---------- PFO Power compact lighting $20 Unknown small pump $5 - possibly from...
  13. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    What are your likes dislikes on these different bio cubes?
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    ---------------------- 400W Metal Halides (3 fixtures available) - $100 pickup each ($250 for lot + $50 shipped), $135 shipped each, coralvue electronic dimmable ballast and fixtures that cover 2'x2' area at 14" mounting height, gives over 1000PAR at top of tank and 400 at bottom, grow coral...
1-15 of 15 Results