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    The following can be picked up or grabbed at the swap. Pm for reserves and paypal info. This thread will be updated constantly. Starting with paly's. Chalices, Acro's and Favias to come later. Here's the list of Z's and P's. I don't have pics of everything right now. If a pic is a must...
  2. Selling Forums
    These picture were just taken with a Canon Powershot SX110IS 10x MP These frags and colonys your see represent WYSIWYG. All frags and colony have been fragged/healed for more than a month. Guarrantee Alive Arrival- FedEx shipped only! Free shippping orders over $400 Black Hornets 7 polyps SOLD...
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    Just what the title says, "Black Hornets"! WYSIWYG this mini colony has 5 polyps and will sell "AS IS" will not frag and will not take a chance in loosing this colony just for a polyp or two. Before you ask the lineage is ME. I just sold 3 polyps on MR and just got a positive response from the...
1-3 of 4 Results