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  1. Fish Disease Treatment
    I've had my Tomini Tang for 3 years and just now he started getting white blotches on this skin on the nose between his eyes (noticed for the first time tonight). The rest of the fish is normal. So I start reading old posts and am fairly confident this is marine head and lateral line erosion...
  2. Fish Disease Treatment
    Welp, my (dads) new kole tang is eating, swimming, playing...but is showing bad signs of sickness. Here's some pictures.
  3. Reef Fish
    hello, i recently purchased a small yasha haze goby and he seems to like to go into holes in my rock, the 1st time i seen him stuck in a rock, so i picked it up and he got out because there was sand bed and rock in between where he was. but now i seen him and hes in another rock, it looks like...
  4. Zoanthid
    I found white blotches on my purple/red hornet frag all pics I've seen of dieseaes is spot on what mine looks like. Is it curable? If so how ? Please help it's my fav frag in tank. Thanks
  5. Fish Disease Treatment
    My hippo tang has two white spots on its side. They showed up today, he is feeding well and is not itching or breathing heavy. I read on line that those are common symptoms. Sorry about the pics he does not stay in one place for very long. Also the white spots are in the black stripe.
  6. Fish Disease Treatment
    I have a six line wrasse... woke up this morning, and it has somewhat like pink blotches... not familiar with this. He seems active as always, and I have not discounted predation, but all I have in the tank is cleaners, sally light foot, emerald green, and rest of CUC (crabs/snails/sand star)...
1-6 of 6 Results