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blue angel

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  1. Reef Fish
    So has anyone had success with coral beauty in mixed reef tank? I had a bi-color and a juvi blue angel in a 125 with success.
  2. Zoanthid
    I didn't think this was necessary for the "Hitchhikers and ID please" section. Due to knowing what they are just not what they are called.
  3. Selling Forums
    This guy is just amazing unfortunately I just have to get rid of him, I love this fish he has great color and eats like a pig. I hate to part with this fish but I want to get $275 for its about 6-7 inches long and at least 2 inches thick. I am open to offers
  4. Selling Forums
    Sold. WTS my 2.5-3" Blue Angelfish. The reason why is because it's nipping at my clam mantles, and the other reason is because it's being bullied by my Purple tang. I'm asking $40 obo. I paid 60 when I bought it from Reef Solutions. I live in Sterling Heights, and my cell # is 248-345-0880
  5. Selling Forums
    Blue Angel & Banggai Cardinals Sold to Stingray Bay.
1-5 of 20 Results