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  1. Selling Forums
    Moving soon so I am down sizing big time. Wasn't going to sell the fish but it would be easier to do it now. Fish: Fish: 8-9" Fat Blue Regal Tang - $100 Maldives Lyretail Anthias (Trio) - $75 Adult Male Platinum Clownfish - $60 Pink Skunk Clownfish - $20 Breeding Pair - Female Ocellaris, male...
  2. Trading Forums
    All, I'd like to add a few healthy fish to my tank and would be willing to trade some fairly high end coral for them if someone would like to trade. I've got fairly big frags of Setosa 2-3" w multiple branches, Pearlberry 3" w multiple branches, Blue Milie 5-6" w multiple branches, and Red...
1-2 of 22 Results