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  1. Trading Forums
    ppg and some blue zoas there's a mother pic later on the glow of the green rack makes it hard to get colors. I can send individual pics if needed just ask. pixies,etc these have lots of names I can trade one chunk or cut frags for you. space monsters can cut frags can cut a frag for trade...
  2. Selling Forums
    I have a Blue gorgonian that I'm giving away, this coral is best left for the truly advanced aquarist. I know I won't be able to keep it thriving so hopefully someone else is willing to. This thing is beautiful about 3" x 3". It's free but always willing to accept a frag :)
  3. Selling Forums
    Selling two frags of blueberry fields zoas. I am not a great photographer, you may want to google to get a better idea. Great zoa 4 polyp $20 5 polyp $25 Please text or call if you can. I don't check on here much. 616 980 6343
  4. Selling Forums
    5p Radioactive green dragon eyes $10 5P blueberry fields $25 3p Rasta $20 5p Fire and ice with extra long lashes $15 8p Red Hornets $100 6 branch birdsnest $15... $5 and $10 frags available 6p Blue with black skirts, looks like blue tubbs to me $15...
  5. Selling Forums
    Frags for sale, thanks for looking 1 Rastas $40 SOLD 2 Rastas $40 SOLD 3 Rastas $40 SOLD 4 Rastas $20 SOLD 5 Rastas $40 SOLD 6 Rastas $30 SOLD 7 Sunny D's $30 SOLD 8 Rommels Rainbow Milli $20 9 ATL Blueberry Acro $15 SOLD 10 Rommels Rainbow Milli $30 PENDING 11 Vivid Rainbow delight $20
  6. Selling Forums
    I have a few pieces that i can bring to the swap in lansing tomorrow if someone is interested. I'd rather not have them in a cooler all day just to put them back in the same tank though. So please let me know if you are interested and I will bring them. sorry that this is such a last minute deal...
  7. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    Lets see, in advance, what will be had in A2 for this years Swap and Social Gathering!! First post will be Raffle, both dry goods- Hope to have them re-listed, as soon as I find out how, without breaking any rules. We have, from our donators and sponcers, for dry goods- -Algea Mower Vac...
  8. Selling Forums
    Need to make some room for more corals! The first picture is of the colony for sale, It's attached to a piece of live rock. The second picture is one of the mother. I'm looking to get $45 for it. Give me a PM or call! 248-895-9008 -Frank
  9. SPS Keepers
    Hey Michigan Reefers, I've posted this on several other forums, but you may also enjoy some of my growth pics. James Red Planet 10-20-11 6-24-12 8-5-12 9-24-12 10-14-12 11-4-12 German Blue Digitata 10-20-11 5-11-12 6-24-12 8-5-12 9-1-12 10-6-12 10-14-12 11-6-12
  10. Reef Discussion
    I have been reading conflicting information on the type of lighting for wire gorgonians/corals. Some say medium to strong lighting , others say shade. Does anyone have them in their tank and if so, what type of lighting. I have a purple spiral that has been in my tank in the shade with good...
  11. Photography
    Hello Photographers, Hope all is well! I am a complete novice when it comes to taking pics of the tank. The camera I am using is a Canon Rebel T2i. I tried taking a pic of a grey object to adjust the white balance in my tank. I'm not sure if the pics are coming out correctly. They almost...
  12. Moby Dick Pet Store
    on weds we receiced... Bicolor Angel Centropyge bicolor CORAL BEAUTY ANGEL Centropyge bispinosus Flame Angel Centropyge loriculus Midnight Angel Centropyge nox Potters Angel Md Centropyge potteri TR Cardinal: Bangaii Lg >1" TR Dotty: Orchid Pseudochromis fridmani Basslet: R. Gramma Gramma loreto...
  13. Selling Forums
    Hello Fellow Reefers, These are the first frags I am releasing from my system. Frags are available through meet up or delivery only. I will send a picture of the exact frags you will be receiving prior to delivery. Payment in cash is due when receiving your coral. 10% discounts will be...
1-13 of 24 Results