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  1. Reef Discussion
    Ok, here is the situatiion. I love the BlueFace Angel. But at this time have 4 anemones and lots of soft corals. And I love corals. I have a 2' deep 150g tank and my lighting is 2-175w halides and 4 stagered 4' vho bulbs. They sit probably 16+" off water. Ok so I assume i can grow some SPS...
  2. Members Tanks
    Hey everyone. I have never done this follow my project thread thing before, but am inviting you along for the ride. Ok so here is what we have. I am moving from my 75g to my new 150g(5'/2'/2') and it is only new to me. Tank has center overflow, no plumbing. Beautiful stand and canopy. Am...
41-42 of 94 Results