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  1. Selling Forums
    Green Bubble Coral & Torch! Hello Reefers! Im selling my bright green bubble coral. Its a large head from my colony. Great coral! Hard to find these days IMO. $70 for a nice size head! Selling Green Torch Coral. It has 5 small heads. It will grow fast! Healthy and Ready for a new home. $80
  2. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Just picked up this coral piece last week and I have no idea what it is. Kinda feels like a candy cane coral but on a plate not stems. No feeder tentacles that I see. About the size of a 50 cent piece around and 1/4 - 1/2 tall.
  3. Anemones & Clownfish
    I have a pair of small clowns and want to decide on a host for them. When I had my 125g reef several years ago, my anemones didn't host my clowns. They played and laid in my featherdusters. What currently hosts your clowns?
  4. Selling Forums
    Well, I bought too much at the swap and now I need to make a little more room. I am selling a beautiful purple/green open brain coral. It is about 5" long and is very healthy Pending Clownreefer
  5. Reef Discussion
    I got a new brain coral at the swap and it was doing great until my clown started to try and host in it. Now its all ticked off. The clown is also burying my other coral by clearing all the sand away from the brain. What should I do?
  6. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    Can someone please help me out. I'm attaching two pictures. One is if a weird growth on one of my rocks, and the other is of my bleached out trachaphyllia. I want to know if anyone knows what the "growth" is on my rock. And if anyone can give me help/advice on bringing back the color of my...
  7. Selling Forums
    XXL closed/maze brain coral. Beautiful bronze and yellow neon coloration. It is appraxiamtely 8 -9 inches. It is starting to recede because it needs more light and I do not have the room to move it. $50 Can't upload photo, but can send to your phone if interested.
  8. Trading Forums
    i have radioactive dragon eyes with about 10 heads, and a small rock of star polyps. i will accept cash, but i know my dad really wants an orange torch coral with white-ish tips that he saw at the swap. i would like to get this for him so if you have one i can throw down a little cash as well...
  9. Reef Discussion
    Looking for feedback from personal experience. Heard 2 different things from LFS and read 2 different things. I have a 29 gal bio cube set up w/ green star polyp, zoas, shrooms, trumpet coral, candy cane coral, hammer and frogspawn corals, yellow sponges, moon or favites brain coral. 1...
  10. Selling Forums
    Well established 90 gallon display tank with 30 gallon refugium, selling complete system. Tank is lit by six 48" T-5 bulbs, running on a GLO system, 3 total controllers. Tank currently has two Korillia K3s, as well as large Eheim main pump. Fuge has a deep sand bed, Euro Reef RS-80 protein...
  11. Anemones & Clownfish
    Will a clownfish use a mushroom to host in and what will happen to the mushroom if they do?
  12. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Hello all! I have a 260 watt Coralife fixture and run 2 10,000K bulbs and 2 Actinic 03 bulbs. All of my bulbs are over due for replacement, and I have bought more. My question to you experienced reefers is what order do you suggest changing them? I know not to change them all at once, but am...
  13. Want to Buy
    Looking to purchase Wellsophyllia brain coral. Send pi of your pieces to [email protected]
  14. Softies & LPS
    I recently bought a very nice (if I do say so myself) open brain coral. From everything I've read, and based off the one I had before, they like low flow. The problem is that I am getting detritus covering my sandbed around it. I need to increase flow to that area (its practically none) but I...
  15. Trading Forums
    i have some corals to trade
  16. Reef Discussion
    I just got a great Yellow Watchman Goby and a Pistol Shrimp. They are in love and doing great. The Shrimp is like a bulldozer! I had been trying to figure out how to get my water clearer, but I guess I will just forget about that now... Anyway, the shrimp is kicking up a lot of sand that is...
  17. Want to Buy
    I am looking for a metallic green brain coral. :victory: ---------- Post added 10-24-2009 at 12:07 PM ---------- Iam looking for one around 2 to 3 inches.:) ---------- Post added 10-24-2009 at 12:10 PM ---------- I am looking for a 2 to 3 inch metallic brain coral!:victory:
  18. Anemones & Clownfish
    So I have had this clown fish in my tank for about a year now and all of a sudden it decided to host to my red brain coral. The coral for the moment doesn't seem to mind his presence but I have to assume this cant be good in the long run, and its one of my favorite corals. What can I do to...
  19. Reef Discussion
    so excited!!! my very first split!!! to those of you (craig) who thought i couldnt handle a wellso.... ha!
  20. Softies & LPS
    Thought I would share this with the "hardcore" LPS guys in this forum. About every three to four months or so my brain coral "blows a bubble". It begins looking like the picture and after a while it starts to droop. Eventually the flesh between the bubble and the main colony gets very thin...
1-20 of 64 Results