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    I am selling a breeding size all black phantom pair. 3'' and 2'' 1/2. Serious inquiries only! New price $200 pair Note that lfs sell these juvinelles at 1'' 1/4 - 1''1/2 for $100 each I have videos to send if serious Only trade is large Picasso pair 248-378-4940
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    I am looking for baby to adult breeder size Picassos. 248-378-4940
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    I am looking for baby to adult breeder size Picassos. 248-378-4940
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    I have clown pair for sale,both fat and healty!the femal is a black midnight clown nice and fat breeder size 2.5-3" the mall is a craxy jigsaw pattern ,proably 2", would like to sale as pair! Text for pics! These are Obo but per fourm rules we will say 175$ for the pair! 248 7977996
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    I am looking for a clownfish to pair with a snowflake clown i already have (its about 2 inches long). will look at anything cool,thanks
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    I am currently looking for a proven breeding clownfish pair. If you have a pair of clownfish that are currently laying eggs, please contact me, thank you.
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    I am making room.The following is for sale: - 3 1/2-4' Scopas Tang (Zebrasoma scopas) very healthy & nice color asking $30 paid ($45)sold to radgto - 3 1/2'-4' Tomini Tang or known as tomini surgeonfish (Ctenochaetus tominiensis) beautiful color and very healthy. Asking $50 (paid $70)sold to...
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    Breeder Size & Spawning Pairs Designer Clownfish SOLD Making some room in my brookstock! Need to downsize a little. That being said will put up forsale a few of my Breeder size & Spawning pairs of designer clownfish. Note: These are not juveniles!! All pairs are mature adults some are spawning...
1-8 of 11 Results