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  1. Selling Forums
    $65, OBO. Adds gorgeous sense of movement and liveliness to the tank... One of my favorite additions. No need to feed or worry about this invert. Cash or non-refundable Cash deposit followed by PayPal payment of balance. Please bring a container for travel. Will entertain offers for most...
  2. Trading Forums
    I have beautiful GBTA and gorgonia that I would trade for: SPS, including Bird's Nest. Acanc, not red or orange. Small clam. Pump that starts reliably for RO/DI water transfers. Filters for RO/DI unit. Kalk powder. I'd entertain other ideas, too... The GBTA are all healthy. Some have slightly...
  3. Selling Forums
    Briarium, an Encrusting Gorgonia For Sale-Prices Dropped For Sale: Briarium, a lovely Peach colored encrusting Gorgonia that loves water flow, and knows how to show it off! It sends out delicate polyps when it is light, and their fluid movment really heightens your awareness of water flow and...
  4. Trading Forums
    I'm looking for a GBTA, it can be small, must be healthy. I have a lot of SPS frags that I can trade. green digitata, Purple digitata, red digi, idaho grape plate, green w/ purblue rim plate, green zoas 100+ polyp. Ryan
1-4 of 4 Results