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  1. Selling Forums
    I have a real nice medium sized pest free Double Saddle Butterfly for sale. I've had him for about 6 month+ now. Eats everything including aptasia. Would not recommend for a reef, but it'll be great for a FOWLR. My tank is ICH-FREE so it'll be good to drop right into your tank. Paid $100 at...
  2. Selling Forums
    I have a Large Copperband Butterfly I need to sell due to a bully Convict Tang that is constantly harrassing it all over the 300g tank. Just because they're both striped fish smh. Copperband has been through qurantine and is ich free. Asking $50. You can text me 586944six9zero3 Copperband...
  3. Trading Forums
    I have a 4 inch undulate trigger and a 2.5 inch racoon butterfly for trade Looking for any frags of equal value Both fish have been in quarantine for over 5 weeks
  4. Want to Buy
    I'm in dire need of peppermints. Aiptasia all over and mine have passed on. Who's got some to sell? I'll drive 50 miles to get 'em. I need good size because I have good size fish and don't want to feed them. Thanks, Tom
  5. Selling Forums
    Need to get rid of these sooner than later as I need to add a Klein's butterfly to my display (from the frag tank) to take care of some aiptasia but don't want to risk these corals. So priced to sell quick. I paid $240 for the pair! Both came from Cherry Corals originally. First $100 gets them...
  6. Selling Forums
    For sale: Maroon clown approx 4". 15.00 Banner Butterfly about 4" $10.00 Mandarin: $15 4 Banggai $5 each 3 Chroma $3 each Anthias $10 Dead rock $10 for 5 gal bucket Breaking down tank and must sell soon!
1-7 of 235 Results