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    Purple with green tip Frogspawn 2 head $10 Candy Cane $30 BRAND NEW MAXI JETS 1200'S 3-1 MODEL $24 HAVE 4 LEFT Aiptasia Zapper $75 SOLD SPS ALL FOR $20 SOLD PINK CENTER ZOAS $10 SOLD CHEATO $5 HAND FULL SOLD HANG ON FILTER $30 SOLD 9W UV Sterilizer The case of it melted from a wire...
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    I am looking to sell my pair of black and white clowns. I have had them for about 2 years now, they were purchased from Preuss Pets. The female is around 3in long and the male is around 2in. I am looking to get $80 for the pair. They are not breeding but have always shown signs of it, just not...
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    Black & white laying eggs for sale 10 gallon tanks 10 chemicals 10 reef crystals sal 1 bucket 50 Call anytime 248 790 2544
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    Couple lonely female clowns available. Free to a good home (can not be in the same tank). These are not going to be given to the first person that says I will take them. Looking for good homes for them. The female black and white has been with me for a long time (7-8 years now) and was a...
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    I have a proven pair of egg layers black and white clownfish i would like to part with asking $375 obo Call or text 248 790 2544 Make offers They lay eggs like clock work [/URL]
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    B&W Occy Clown Pair - SOLD Pajama Cardinals (4) - $40 for the 4
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    Mated pair B&W's have not laid eggs yet showing heavy breeding signs 4" Female 2.75 Male $145 and also have a pair of occy's $100 LMK YouTube - ***x202a;B&W Clownfish Biting pot Breeding***x202c;‏ <===Video
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    I'm selling 20lbs of B&W sand. It was in my tank for about a year and a half, but I removed it a few days ago. I had to take down my tank, and now that it is set up I chose a different colored sand. Full of life, pods and stars. $5 please bring a bucket. I will ship at expense to buyer.
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    Beautiful B&W's Black and White Ocellaris Clownfish [SIZE="5"][B][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="5"]Selling my Pairs asking $175
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    Perfectly barred pair of spawning B&W. Spawning, meaning that they are laying eggs and do so on a regular cycle. The female is huge, I've not come across a B/W her size yet. Reason for selling is that I've been busy and even though they've been spawning for a while now, I've not had time to...
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    Wife decided to keep (for now).
1-13 of 15 Results