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    Call or text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. Updated 10-Mar (3:00pm) MRC macroalgae reactor (DIY) $40 18" tall and 4" diameter. Grows quite a bit of chaeto! Miscellaneous: Red Sea pro test kits - algae control pro; coral colors pro - $10 for both
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    I have 2x MP40QDs with anemone guards I no longer need, less than a year in use, never run above 60% sold I also have a full Skimz CM122 Calcium Reactor setup that I don't need, it comes with a Tunze regulator/ solenoid setup, Apex Probe and 10lb Co2 bottle and jar+ of ARM reactor media...
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    Up for sale is a Geo 618 Reactor (22") with two tanks and one Milwaukee regulator. Everything is in ext. condition. Both tanks have some gas still in them. Pick up only. $425.00
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    5 new one gallon containers of Caribsea ARM “extra coarse” calcium reactor media for sale. All five containers for $100.
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    NEW! Custom Geo 824 Calcium reactor and CO2 regulator setup for sale - $1,150. The reactor is a custom height built by Geo. The reactor chamber is 8 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall. It was optioned with the best Iwaki (Japanese built) pump. This is a quality unit that can handle a large...
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    Hello, I have a Korallin C1502 for sale (with Eheim 1048 pump) - rated for up to 400 gallons Also have some spare parts: additional inlet part additional eheim additional secondary chamber. $250 Text for fastest response. 734-658-7924
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    Used calcium reactor from reef dynamics works well with Eheim pump, sufficient to maintain 500+ gallon system asking for $250 obo
  8. Want to Buy
    I would like a whole system that would just be plug and play. Pm me what you have plz Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk ---------- Post added 12-24-2019 at 06:59 PM ---------- It's for an eventually medium stocked 300 gallon tank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My brother has shut down his saltwater tanks and is selling everything he had. Below is the list. He will do deals for multiple items. Will ship but that is an additional charge. Let me know what you are interested in and I can estimate a price. Quantity Brand Product Price 5 Jebao DC 9000 $...
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    I am selling everything I have, as I do not plan on setting up any tanks in the near future. All the equipment was used for a few years and has been in storage for the last 6 years. I am cleaning and testing all the equipment before MACNA. Here is a link to imgr with all the equipment pictures...
  11. Want to Buy
    Looking for a calcium reactor that will service an SPS dominant 300 gal tank. Let me know if you have anything. Just need the reactor and possibly the recirc pump. I have everything else (i.e., CO2 tank, regulator, etc.). Will anyone respond? :0)
  12. Members Tanks
    Hi everyone, I am not sure how active the forum is anymore, but I remember how active it was 10-15 years ago. I was a long time contributor here and over on RC many years ago. I started this hobby in high school with a 70 gallon mixed reef tank, upgraded to a 180 gallon SPS tank in high school...
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    I have a Geo 624 (24" tall) has a pan world pump, It is full of media. with a 10# aluminum tank and regulator. The tank that is more than half full. I cleaned the unit tested the pump and refilled with new media. $395.00. I can bring it to the lansing swap.
  14. Want to Buy
    Looking for a peristaltic pump to more effectively run my calcium reactor. Let me know if you've got one. 81zero-8seven5-0001
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    I had grand plans to bring a Calcium Reactor online on my system, taking advantage of a deal too good to pass up on a GEO unit, only to set it aside to have invested in an Apex controller and later learn that the GEO unit is not wide enough to accommodate a Ph probe (great option if you don't...
  16. Members Tanks
    So after always having a smaller tank I finally went n got something bigger. Picked up a 100g tank and stand for cheap, clean it up to looks nice and painted stand blackso short and wide front to back. Built my own sump with a 40g breeder tank that fit perfectly in the stand, put 3 sections...
  17. Want to Buy
    Looking for the reactor only... and hoping to find one that can accommodate a large tank. I previously turned a large GFO reactor (16x4") into a calcium reactor and it's worked well. But the bigger my corals get, the larger the demand. I think a larger chamber would help quite a bit. Let me...
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    I have a c3002 Korallin calcium reactor that is to large for my 50 gallon tank. Korallin C3002 Specifications Rated for up to 800gal. Reactor height: approx. 28.00";(with pump on top) Diameter: 4.50"; Ground: 6.30"; Filling amount: 6 kgs (13.2lbs); Eheim 1048 Pump. Reactor, pump, regulator...
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    Here is what's left: (1) Reef Breeders Photon V1 24" light $100 Corals/Inverts: 12"+ Deresa Clam, has an orange ricordia on the shell and also a couple aiptasia that need to be zapped $160 (3) Ultra Rock flower nems, $150 for all 3 Pics are located at the link below (not so great cell phone...
1-19 of 500 Results