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    Everything must go -- Setup is 1.5yrs. Selling all equipment and live stock. I prefer to sell the entire setup in one fell swoop for $1000 but if not piece meal prices are below. Keep in mind, if I have to sell the tank in pieces all the live stock must go first before I will sell...
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    Would like to sell complete set up. Tank has been up and running for 10 plus years. We are going to be selling our home in the near future and the tank is the first thing to go. 150 gallon tank 18x24x72 Royal Gramma Basslet Coral Beauty Blue Hippo Tang (goes by the name of Helen) Banggal...
  3. Selling Forums
    Must sell 75 Gallon Tank 50 Gallon Sump Skimmer 60 Pounds Live Rock, 2 Orbit LED Lights, RO Unit, will also give Clown Fish Bengahi Cardinal Fish and Spotted Goby, $600 Dollars OBO, IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL Mike 313-720-7991 or leave Text will send Photos
  4. Want to Buy
    Anybody breeding bangaii cardinals? I'm in Plymouth. Not in a huge rush. Let me know if you've got any. Thanks.
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    i have a Clarity acrylic tank with lots of coralline algae across it. It is 48 wide, 30 tall and 18 inches from the front to the blue back, with internal overflow. it is well filled with coralline covered live rock. has 2 sol blue lights, heater, misbar gold flake maroon clown, pistol shrimp, 4...
  6. Selling Forums
    Im selling off all my fish. My 220`s seal let go and I'm going to take a long break. Here is a list of what i have left. Purple tang 4 "120.00 , yellow tang 5" 45.00, Blue hippo tang 6" 75.00 , falco hawk 2.5" 15.00 , royal gramma 2" 15.00, 6 line wrasse 15.00 , orchard dotty back 20.00 ...
  7. Selling Forums
    Mated pair of lightning maroon clownfish, hosting a rose bubble anemone...$250 for the package. Large rabbit fish....$50 Large blue wrasse fish.....$50 Several variety of frags, zoas, palys, mushrooms, couple anemones, rock flower anemone(large), and more. Could be reached by text 313-268-319five
  8. Selling Forums
    UPDATED -SOME ITEMS STILL LEFT First pic neon candy canes, from left $25, $30, $20, $20 Second pic, from Left green favia 25 SOLD, green candy cane (not neon) $20, monti $25, Third pic from left green something $30 SOLD, neon CC $25, neon CC $20 Neon CC polyps w/o branch, not on rock $2 each...
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    Livestock, nothing added in over a year, all healthy. First pic neon candy canes, from left $25, $30, $20, $20 Second pic, from Left green favia 25 SOLD, green candy cane (not neon) $20, monti $25, Third pic from left green something $30 SOLD, neon cc $25, neon cc $20 Neon cc polyps w/o...
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    I am moving to Wisconsin and unfortunatly can not take a majority of my equipment/ Live stock with me...will be shutting down tank between monday the 8th of may and wednesday the 10th need to sell all of the fallowing asap Blue Hippo Tang Fish 1 year Okay $35.00 B. Cardinal Fish 5 years Good...
  11. Selling Forums
    Got a note on my apartment door today saying I cant have fish tanks. So I need to sell a 75g in the next week. Also need to sell the stock out of a biocube that was just starting to be set up. First the livestock All prices are negotiable, offer me something reasonable and I'll probably...
  12. Want to Buy
    Looking for a pair of some locally bred fish, primarily the following species: bangaii cardinals percula/ocellaris clownfish ---- don't want anything designer or high end. Just standard clowns. But let me know what you have. If the price is fine, I'll go with whatever. Anybody breeding...
  13. Want to Buy
    In search of adult female or female/male pair of banggai cardinals. I already have a large adult male cardinal.
1-13 of 156 Results