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  1. Selling Forums
    Lots of frags for sale, most prices ranging from $10 - $35. Most frags are mounted on 7/8" plugs. Most pics are taken with DSLR under Radion XR15 (100% on UV, violet, royal blue, and blue). The colors are very close to what I see in real person. Frag tank shot included, make sure to follow this...
    $33 USD
  2. Selling Forums
    Lots of frags for sale, most prices ranging from $10 - $35. Most frags are mounted on 7/8" plugs. Most pics are taken with DSLR under Radion XR15 (100% on UV, violet, royal blue, and blue). The colors are very close to what I see in real person. Here is the frag tank view and if you don't see...
    $33 USD
  3. Selling Forums
    Need to clean up my frag rack. Package deals avail. PM if you have questions! Toxic hammer 2.5 head $40 Toxic Hammer 1 head $20 Cornbred crazy clown chalice green side $30 each Watermelon chalice $20 each Green grandis $15 each(1 - 2 polyps, you pick) Jason Fox crazy fox chalice $25 each (1-2...
    $40 USD
  4. Selling Forums
    Need to clear up some spaces for my frag system. Selling easy baby frag packs for $60 each pack. Mounted on 7/8 frag plugs. PACK-1 (6 frags each) Mindblowing paly Space invader Superman monti Watermelon psammocora Scroll coral Jason Fox crazy fox chalice *I have 2 Pack-1 avail, you pick a...
    $60 USD
  5. Selling Forums
    Lots of coral for sale at the moment. Most have been sitting on my racks for a while. Please text for quickest response time for i don't check my MR that often. I have many more pics so if you want to see something just ask. Ryan 586-872-one 9 two 8 SPS Pink Lemonade - 80 Yellow Tip Hurlock -...
  6. Selling Forums
    I finally got around to cutting some new pieces up. For fastest respond shoot me a text 810 nine 31 zero 858 Speckald krakota 75 Azz Krak 80 Gold branching hammers price listed on picture Blue tip hammers- 55 each- all have 2 heads full split branching Wwc red cap monti - 10 Gb avatar...
  7. Selling Forums
    Broke my chalice during the move. Nice red with bright golden eyes. 4 frags available, all 1inch plus $25ea 2nd pic is mother for ref. Call or text 517-285-82zeroeight
  8. Selling Forums
    I have migrated my corals and some livestock to my new setup and I have some fish and corals I am looking to sell as a result. Fish/Inverts: 3 Lyretail Anthias (1) 4" male and (2) 2.5" females $100 for all 3 2 Large Blue/Green Chromis 3" $10 Powder Blue Tang 5" $70 2 Designer Clownfish (I...
  9. Selling Forums
    Time to make room in the frag tank. For quickest response please text 8one0 9310858. List below followed by pictures Everything is WYSIWYG. WWC AOI 3 polyp =sold Space chaos 3 polyps = 65.00 WWC Illuminati 2 polyps = 60.00 JF bloodshot 2 polyps =65.00 Morphed magician paly= 25.00...
  10. Selling Forums
    I need to find this chalice a new home.... been in my tank for appx 12 years and has been fragged a zillion times. But, i'm out of room, and some things have to go. Probably 9x4 in size, maybe larger, whirls in shape like a monti cap.... Selling for just $20.... can transact in a socially...
  11. Selling Forums
    Time to make do some cutting. Have frags of pink b00bies, bubblegum monster, mummy eye & Pink Floyd. $25 & up. Mothers pictured. Text 734-725-98fiveO for more pics or info.
  12. Selling Forums
    forest fire digi - $10 gsp - $5 or free with purchase of other blue polyp digi - $10 Will trade for anything i dont have
  13. Reef Discussion
    I bought these about 5 years ago and I do not remember what they are called. Just wondering if someone could let me know what they are.
  14. Selling Forums
    I have quite a few frags healed and ready to go list below I will be heading to the Sterling Heights swap so I can meet there Duncan***8217;s - 15/head Hollywood stunner chalice - 20/huge piece Rock anemone - 20 Zoas Space chaos - 90pp one left Nirvana - 10pp Sunny d - 5pp all sold...
  15. Selling Forums
    I have some frags available, can meet at flint swap Rastas-$5 pp ASD Angel tears - $7 pp all pending Scrambled eggs-$7 pp few left Nirvana -$10 pp few left Gobstoppers-$5pp Sunny d- $5 pp 2 Hollywood stunner chalice 5 inches or bigger- $25 each one left Rainbow acan enchinata -$35 sold Toxic...
  16. Selling Forums
    I have 4 rainbow rbta available about 3***8221;- 45 each....1 left Utter chaos 2 polyp frags - 25 each 4 available.......2 left Gb buttkisser 3 polyp frag - 165 SOLD Nirvana - 10 pp Sunny d 5 pp Gobstoppers 5 pp Pink Krak 2 polyp frag - 50 SOLD Hollywood stunner chalice 30 - about 5***8221...
  17. Selling Forums
    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I have a bunch of SPS I need to move. Mummy eye chalice. $50. Space Invadars $80. ORP Pearlberry $50 RR/SC Orange passion $100. PC Rainbow $40 Aussie Gold $40 big. Red Superman table. $50 Many more
  18. Selling Forums
    I have a nice variety of Monti's and Acropora for sale. I am having trouble loading pictures to this post. If you are interested text me and I will send you pics. Thanks for looking Ryan 586-872-1928 Monti's WWC Cherry Tree - 3 x 3 tile $80, frag plug for $20 ORA Spongodes - $20 JF...
1-18 of 500 Results