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    Have to start the breakdown of my 150-gallon tank. Royal gramma basslet 25.00 Coral beauty 45.00 Blue hippo tang 75.00 Banggai cardinalfish 35.00 2 clownfish black/white and orange/white 25.00 each 3 large bulb tip anemone 70.00 each large red mushroom coral 60.00 Also have about 120# of live...
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    The Title says it all! I'm looking for a Chiller. I'm not super picky, I'm looking to cool down water in a rubermaid tote from 78* to 66*-68* and keep the temp consistent at that temp in a room that is about 79*. Please let me know what you have! Thanks for looking!! Travis 918.264.6320
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    I have been holding on to this equipment for a while and have come to the conclusion I'm probably not going to be getting back into the hobby. I know this stuff is old, and I am also aware that I don't know what things price at or what's popular or unpopular to run anymore. So, please be nice...
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    15% OFF Trigger Systems + New inventory restock on JBJ Chillers 15% OFF Trigger Systems Sale ends Midnight EST 5-19-2020 https://premiumaquatics.com/search?search=Trigger+Systems 15% OFF JBJ Aquarium Chillers New inventory just arrived...
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    10% OFF JULY RADION SALE Save 10% OFF the XR30G4 and XR30G4PRO LED all this month. ***65279;Offer Begins 7/13/2019 and ends Midnight EST 07/31/2019* https://premiumaquatics.com/category/led-aquarium-lighting.html?filter_brand_id=1000 25% OFF Aqua Edibles Super Eggs & Brew Offer Begins 7/01/2019...
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    Here's what I have left. You can make offers, but please be real. Coralife timer $10 BRS Reactor $25 LED 48" dual strip reef lights with remote $200 DCT 8000 return pump $40 Coralife Turbo-Twist UV Sterilizer $45 Tunze ATO (I have 2) $75/ea 72 inch MH/T8/LED fixture (3 X 250watts MH) $350...
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    activeaqua 1/4 hp chiller looking to get $200 please txt 586 405 8882 for fastest response
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    Looking for 1/3-1/2 hp chiller Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In Today's video, we take a look at the Your Choice Aquatics 1/8 HP C-Series Chiller, which is available at Premium Aquatics. Your Choice Aquatics Aquarium Chiller: https://goo.gl/CthTjo Enter to win this product: 1. Watch video and hit Thumbs up 2. Subscribe if you haven't already to our...
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    For sale is a used aqualogic chiller. I***8217;m the original owner.. purchased new between 2005 and 2006. Unit was professionally serviced every year since operation. Easily controlled temp on my 300.. I went to led a few years back and have not used it in 2 years.. Tested on my apex and...
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    Im in need of a chiller for my 125g tank. please text would be best way to get ahold of me. 8106600617 thank you
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    Free tanks, and light all work Freetanks and lights Tanks: 50 breeder glass tank thick glass 36 x 18 x 19"H 29 gal glass tank 30X 20 X18 (I think) Both hold water fine, breeder has no scratches both tanks free Light Generic 36" 4 bulb t5 fixture with assorted new extra bulbs, plastic shield...
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    I have an Aquaeuro 1/4hp chiller for sale. In excellent condition. We moved my sons tank to the basement and no longer need it. Would like to get $350 OBO. For a quicker response, text 419-701-1889. thanks for looking. Would also consider a trade for quality 48 inch LED lighting for a...
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    SOLD Spectacular 300-gal reef tank, $700. Now parting out, see prices below. Clarity plus custom acrylic tank with euro braced top. Dimensions: 59"; W X 30"; H, slightly wedged shaped, maximally 40"; minimally 33"; front to back. Front and back panel are clear ½"; acrylic, side panels black 1/2...
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    Today we are taking a look at the AutoAqua Smart Temp Security from the Smart Security System available at Premium Aquatics. AutoAqua Smart Temp Security: https://goo.gl/d3C8G1 Smart Security System: https://goo.gl/i6SB45 Smart Temp Security controls an aquarium heater or chiller within a...
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    Looking to buy Live Rock and Sand for 130 build. I do have what's in my 75 gallon so looking for about 60 pounds of sand and some nice clean live rock. Thanks in adavance
  17. Members Tanks
    We are in the process of finishing our basement (home was built in 2016) and with that comes the build out of the aquarium room. I would love to get some feedback or a few fellow reefers over (adult beverages) for some input on how to setup room, and create the most efficient use of the space...
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    SOLD FS-Hammerhead Pump,..... SOLD I have a lot for sale, working on getting pics up of everything. I am out of the hobby and need all my equipment gone. Make offers if my prices are off. I need to move all of these items ASAP. Please contact me if you're interested in anything.
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    Looking to buy a chiller. 1/3 hp to 1 hp would be the size I'm looking for. Willing to pick up wherever as I often travel throughout Michigan. shoot me a size, what shape its in and a price that works. thanks!
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    15% OFF*JBJ Aquarium Chillers Ends Midnight EST 5-21-2017 https://premiumaquatics.com/category/chillers.html?filter_brand_id=1040 15% OFF*AquaEuro Aquarium Chillers Ends Midnight EST 5-21-2017 https://premiumaquatics.com/category/chillers.html?filter_brand_id=1038 DI Resin Sale Get that DI...
1-20 of 500 Results