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  1. Selling Forums
    SOLD FS-Hammerhead Pump,..... SOLD I have a lot for sale, working on getting pics up of everything. I am out of the hobby and need all my equipment gone. Make offers if my prices are off. I need to move all of these items ASAP. Please contact me if you're interested in anything.
  2. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    For the last year I've been doing a lot of tank upgrades in equipment wich is almost over So far I have Tanks A 90 gal acryllic 3x2x2 70 gal 4 x18x2 Plan on adding a large display in the next year or so 400 plus gallons Sump 5' 120 gal I'm thinking about a chiller something external as I do...
  3. Selling Forums
    I am selling a prime 1/15 chiller. I bought it several years ago off these boards from someone that have never used it and never used it. here is a yahoo link to the same model chiller. not the one i am selling. just wanted to show a example. New chillers of this size are going between 300...
  4. Selling Forums
    60"x30"x30" acrylic aquarium with custom carpenter-built stand and canopy. The stand is 36" tall, canopy is 20" tall. The tank has (3) 1" drains, (1) 3/4" return, and (2) 3/4" 'closed loop' bulkheads. The tank is four years old and could use a buffing (I think anyway, but I'm a perfectionist)...
  5. Want to Buy
    Let me Know what you have Thanks!
  6. Trading Forums
    I have a 180 (not drilled) glass tank oak stand and canopy. I really want this out of my garage and will consider trades for 1/2HP chillers, Corals, maybe even fish??????
  7. Selling Forums
    Blue wave 150w HQI **(SOLD)** JBJ Chiller I also have a new never used in box Blue wave 150w HQI ballast and (matched) reflector for sale, sold as a combo for 70.00$ (updated 7/2/14) Thanks for looking.
  8. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I found a used chiller that looks to be it great shape, the owner says it was only in use for 5 months. Is there anything I can do other that power it on to make sure it's worth buying??? I don't want to get stuck with a high priced POS.
1-8 of 178 Results