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  1. Selling Forums
    Call or text me at 81zero-8seven5-0001. Updated 10-Mar (3:00pm) MRC macroalgae reactor (DIY) $40 18" tall and 4" diameter. Grows quite a bit of chaeto! Miscellaneous: Red Sea pro test kits - algae control pro; coral colors pro - $10 for both
  2. Selling Forums
    Looking to sell my complete setup 125 Gallon with livestock 125 gallon dual over flow Ruby red trigger sump Reef octopus diablo skimmer 2 MP40QD SICCE return pump 2 jebao Nero 5 knock off pumps 2 32” SBreef lights (about 9 months) Also a couple of those rocks that stick to the side of the...
  3. Selling Forums
    Large purple tangs 4-5***8221; $165 RedSea 8 line flasher wrasses $65 Redsea Sohal tang 5-6***8221; $160 Harlequin tusk 4***8221; $100 Harlequin shrimp $45 Cleaner shrimp $20-30 Text 734-725-98fiveO if interested. PM***8217;s on here are not monitored so please text only.
  4. Water Chemistry
    Hello! Are you looking for fish tank chemicals or fish tank cleaning supplies that will enhance the fish tank treatment? Let's make your inhabitants much healthier and get them rid of cloudy fish tank water just in few capsules of BESEDER fish tank water cleaner. Biological preparation BESEDER...
  5. Selling Forums
    Foxface - $40 Blue Tang - $40 Yellow Tang - $80 Blue Dot Jawfish (2"-3") - $150 Small Blue with Yellow Tail Damsel - Free Size reference... That magnet cleaner is 4" x 2"
  6. Reef Discussion
    I am planning on moving in the next few months and am looking for some advice. I currently have a 180 gallon reef tank that has been running for 4 years. My plan was to set up a 55 gallon and use the water from the 180 to QT fish and inverts so I can clean everything in the display tank. Most of...
  7. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    I know buying local used tanks is the least expensive way to go, but in the future I want to buy a 180 which will be a long term tank. I am wondering how / where to get the best bang for my buck on a new tank. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  8. Selling Forums
    Brand new Mag-Float (Extra Large) for Glass Aquarium's 3/4" to 1-1/4" glass thickness. Model is FLOAT-500 It's brand new unused, still in the box. Looks to be about $150 brand new, I will sell fo $75. PM for details or interest. Thanks, Brian
  9. Selling Forums
    Green Bubble Coral & Torch! Hello Reefers! Im selling my bright green bubble coral. Its a large head from my colony. Great coral! Hard to find these days IMO. $70 for a nice size head! Selling Green Torch Coral. It has 5 small heads. It will grow fast! Healthy and Ready for a new home. $80
1-9 of 326 Results