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  1. Fish Disease Treatment
    trigger is sick. looks like he has a very cloudy eye on one side . help me he is my favorite fish
  2. Fish Disease Treatment
    Its been awhile since I had any issues but now my French Angels eye is bad. I pay very close attention to all my fish and he was flawless yesterday clear eyes. Today i get home and his eye is pretty bad its not swollen its just very cloudy and kinda "fuzzy" lookin. Any ideas on causes or ways to...
  3. Fish Disease Treatment
    This weekend, I introduced a new fish to my DT,..a yellow tang. Seemed fine at LFS. & ate well prior to purchase. I took an hour to acclimate him by "bag method" & turned off the lighting to ease introduction. Later in the eve' , I turned the lighting on to feed..and he ate well. However, I...
  4. Fish Disease Treatment
    I added a niger trigger to my reef tank. They are one of my favorite fish but he's only been in my tank for about a month or so and I noticed his eye has a cloudy looking film on it. He still is a strong eater and moves around great. I dont want to lose any of my little friends so please HELP...
1-4 of 4 Results