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    75 gallon salt water tank with stand, 25 gallon sump tank, 3 power heads ( one is a VorTech). Comes with live stock, chemicals, three 5 gal water containers, lighting, one clown fish and a neon dotty back, live rock, etc. I’m moving and haven’t had much time to work on the tank. It needs some TLC.
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    Everything must go -- Setup is 1.5yrs. Selling all equipment and live stock. I prefer to sell the entire setup in one fell swoop for $1000 but if not piece meal prices are below. Keep in mind, if I have to sell the tank in pieces all the live stock must go first before I will sell...
  3. Livestock Breeding
    So I've had my tank setup for almost 2 years with the same 2 clown fish, just noticed tonight there are eggs on the bottom side of my power head. Will get pictures 2moro but I'm going to stop n pick up some live rotifer 2moro n try n hatch these guys. I've got a small 5g tank setup with an air...
  4. Selling Forums
    I am selling my Ocellaris Clownfish $13 I have 50+ lbs of live rock for sale asking $1 per lb some of the rock has corals on it I also have three damsels
  5. Selling Forums
    Im selling everything I have for my reef tank the tank is a cadlights 50g cube has auto top off wifi led fixture still set up asking $550 for everything If I sell all the livestock I can part out the system I have one clown fish and around 80lbs of live rock
  6. Selling Forums
    Must sell 75 Gallon Tank 50 Gallon Sump Skimmer 60 Pounds Live Rock, 2 Orbit LED Lights, RO Unit, will also give Clown Fish Bengahi Cardinal Fish and Spotted Goby, $600 Dollars OBO, IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL Mike 313-720-7991 or leave Text will send Photos
  7. Selling Forums
    155 Tank is empty of all livestock and live rock would like to get 500 for tank stand and all powerheads filters heaters etc. call 586 495-9999 ask for matt has a top also .
  8. Selling Forums
    Getting out of the Reef Hobby. Selling all Corals and dry goods. Would like to sell as a package. Have 2 AI Prime HD both black, 45 gallon cube reef tank and custom stand with eshopps rs-100 sump, bubble magus skimmer, mag5 pump, neptune system with temp and PH probe. have 2 clown fish, 1 royal...
  9. Selling Forums
    Salt Water Setup Breakdoown Breaking down my tank if I can get buyers for everything except tank I will sell it separately. 1) 4ft orbit 165 LED light 6 months old w/remote $100.00 available for pick up by Friday Sold 2)Most of the Live rock has been in tank for over 2 years 2.00 LB Make...
  10. Selling Forums
    30 for all 5 there are currently in my sump so they will be easy to catch.
  11. Selling Forums
    I have 7-10 gallon tanks , 2 are drilled, a 20 gallon tank, a 24" 2 bulb t5 light and a ActiveAqua air pump with 8 valves 70L/min. $125 for every.
  12. Selling Forums
    free clown fish. i can email pic
  13. Selling Forums
    I have a Pint Tail Trigger $50, Purple Tang $90, Regal Tang $50, Clown Fish $30, and Stars n Strips Wrasse $30 These are all large full size fish that I have had for many years. All disease free very health fish. Or all for $150 In New Boston Mi. Thanks
  14. Do It Yourself
    Hello all, I have a 14 biocube and I want to add a sump to my biocube so I can add a protein skimmer. I know people have said that a skimmer is not needed but after months and months of trying to lower my nitrates I really want to add something to help with nutrient export. I have tried...
  15. Want to Buy
    anyone have any Large fish they are looking to sell? i have to stock a 250 tank!
  16. Selling Forums
    Snowflake clownfish - $40 to $60 / pair Misbar/regular clownfish - 25 / pair If you have a big tank and you want a group of clownfish, l can give you a better deal. I accidentally broke my green birdsnest, spongodes montipora maybe a 2 months ago so I have some frags to small colony for sale...
1-18 of 257 Results