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  1. Selling Forums
    I have a variety of baby maroons for sale. They were hatched September 7th 2020. They range in type and size, but all are from the same parents and the same clutch. I'm asking $20-$50. Price depends on the pattern and color. I have about two dozen to choose from. Size is between 1"-1.5"
  2. Want to Buy
    The Title says it all! I'm looking for a Chiller. I'm not super picky, I'm looking to cool down water in a rubermaid tote from 78* to 66*-68* and keep the temp consistent at that temp in a room that is about 79*. Please let me know what you have! Thanks for looking!! Travis 918.264.6320
  3. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Just added some t5s to supplement my Radions, and would like to dial the PAR in. I know sunset corals has one for rent, anyone know of others? Thanks in Advance!
  4. New to the Hobby
    hello all i have really been wanting to get back into the hobby. i cant decide on how big of a tank i wanna go with so i was thinking about setting up a stock tank in my basement so i could get the cycle going and get some rock started and then i could take my time getting a tank figured out. i...
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for any cool branching softies like Green Nepthea, Green Sinularia, etc. LMK what you got thanks.
  6. Selling Forums
    I have been watching my Rainbow Bubbletips split now for a while and am up to 30 of them. Was going to continue this, but decided to go a different route. Now I would like to sell them all off. Looking to get 40.00 each. Or make me an offer on all 30. Would make for an insane clown tank...
  7. Selling Forums
    I have named this coral Smurfberry due to its resemblance (in structure and color gradient) to pearlberry. It's possible it's a wild type of pearlberry... no idea. BUT, it looks really cool and has more of a blue base and purplish tips. TEXT OR CALL 81zero-8seven5-0001 if you have serious...
  8. Selling Forums
    • Aluminum body is lightweight, heavy duty and rust proof • Accommodates ultra efficient, high output T5 lamps (sold separately) • 95% reflective German aluminum reflectors • Durable black powder coated finish • Major brand electronic ballasts • Sleek profile only 2.5 inches high • 2 power...
  9. Selling Forums
    i have 5 - 20 lb bags of caribsea arag-alive sand, hawaiian black. since ordering them 2 weeks ago i have decided to go with a barebottom tank and no longer need these. 20$ per 20 lb bag or all 5 bags for 80$ open to trades.......... in need of a 500 watt titanium heater (non glass), cool...
  10. Reef Discussion
    User name fishfreek2009? Just wondering what became of his 340. It was for sale a couple years ago, then nothing. Or if someone picked it up and I missed/forgot who...present yourself. That was a cool tank.
  11. Selling Forums
    Sold/Goven - Livestock - Free to a Good Home I need to shut down the tank, so the following are free to a good home - I can't work with the tank much so has been in maintenance - if you want it you will need to bring your own buckets/containers. First to come and collect takes the lot - needs...
  12. Selling Forums
    Cool macro algae that doesnt usually get picked on by herbivorous fish. WYSIWYG. $10 text 586 337 0962
  13. Selling Forums
    fishroom clean out sale. will ship at your cost. located in port huron 48060 RKL pc4, sl1,alc ,includes float switch and 2 harness for alc and sid v2 also 2 cables for module connections $100 also will include both ph/temp probes even though atm they are in working condition consider...
1-14 of 500 Results