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    Here's a few frags from my frag rack. SPS LPS ZOA open to trades 1. Big r Walt Disney (1) $50 2. Asd rainbow (1) $45 3. Rrc aussie gold large frag(1) $35 4. Green slimmer acro (1) $15 5. Copper flame milli (1) $35 6. Jf slow burn (1) $10 7. Forest fire (1) $10 8. Setosa (2) $10 9. Cali tort...
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    I have a bunch of mid to higher end acros available. I’m open to trades for acros or torches. My contact number is 248 804 8463 I can send pictures of any items. 1. Walt Disney $60 2. Walt Disney $60 3. Tsa Princess peach $75 4. Tsa Princess peach $65 5. RR star fire $50 6. Jf solar flare $70...
  3. Reef Discussion
    I have a recently cycled tank about 3 months old, used rock from one of my other tanks purchased 2 triggers one has already died both had this shedding type coating my local store has been no help please help!!!
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    146# of rock and 25# of rubble. This is from a mixed reef tank and never had copper in it. The rock has been cleaned and stored for a new tank that never happened. I have attached some pictures. Some Texas holey rock, Marco rock and assorted other premium rock. $125 for all. No cherry...
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    Hi. Lightly used 20 gallon tank. 30 x 12 x 12". From Petco. Never used medication or copper treatment. $15 or will trade for a small frag of soft coral.
  6. Fish Disease Treatment
    Lots of questions for treating protozoa in a quarantine tank! Please read and help. I have a 55gal quarantine with a mappa puffer, queen angelfish, and harlequin tuskfish at the moment, and unfortunately am struggling with some sort of protozoa. The symptoms are very different between the...
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    Brand new in box. Never used. Has an extra blade. $150.00
1-7 of 7 Results