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coral dip

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  1. Reef Discussion
    I recently switched over tanks and I used all the same sand and rock. I kept good care of my rocks and few corals I had while making the change. All the parameters were about the same. So here's what I think happened. When I switched I had to use 100%new water. I got some free corals from a...
  2. Reef Discussion
    Interesting article on AEFW and how they acquire the host florescent proteins for camouflage. Knowing this could be beneficial as you can put a black light over post coral dip and see if anything glows. Next incoming frags ill put post dip under black light and report back. Fascinating...
  3. SPS Keepers
    I had a nice piece of purple digi that ive had for a couple years just up and started just melting skin off. it has been thru 2 moves, power outs, various tank peram ups and downs and has been a trooper. in my current system all has been stable and i dont understand this. it is close to a huge...
  4. Selling Forums
    Trash bag of bio-balls, used lightly or never used, not sure but very clean either way - $10 20130416_195030_zps0dfb23c6.jpg Photo by tdewa1 | Photobucket Box of additives - $20 for all Phytogreen-M, PH+ x2, Liquid Reef, Restor, Revive Coral Cleaner x2, Algaefix Marine, Replenish, Phytochrom...
  5. Softies & LPS
    My bubble coral seems to be mostly deflated for last few days some of he skeleton almost seems to be decaying not sure why parameters are fine what can I do to save it if anything?
  6. Softies & LPS
    I got a lobo brain about a month back as a distressed coral for $20. I had been keeping an eye on it when i went into the store and it was coming back so i figured what the heck its $20. I trimmed off an algea portion of the skeleton when i got it home, did a dip in coral rx, then another in...
1-6 of 8 Results