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  1. Selling Forums
    1. Bashsea 6/30 Skimmer with Sicce Syncra Silent Pump $250.00 2. Bashsea PM3 Reactor with RIO LHF pump $130.00 3. Bashsea Carbon Reactor with RIO 800 pump $65.00 4. Coralife Turbo-twist UV Sterilizer 36W $100.00 5 Emperor Aquatics 2040 UV Sterilizer 40W needs bulb $200.00 7. Bulk Reef...
  2. Selling Forums
    Have a bunch of equipment to unload. All prices are OBO. Pictures available thru text. 2-Ecotech marine mp40w, has 6 month newer style wetside. Also has anenome guard. $150 each 12x coralife 36 watt uv steralizer. Bought used, haven't used it. light works. $30 Apex eb8 $75 Blueline temp...
  3. Reef Fish
    I have a 90 gal. reef tank which has been relatively stable for the past 7 years. As of last summer I had 5 fish all over 7 years old. When my Foxface died last June I added a Coral Beauty but it died the first night. I noticed that my Yellow Damsels were attacking it so I removed them and...
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for a UV sterilizer. Let me know what you have, thanks.
  5. Selling Forums
    Selling a 120 gallon Tall RR tank, stand, canopy, proflex 4 sump and Danner Mag 12 return pump. $600 OBO RR Aquarium with dual overflows plumbed with 1" durso Tank's footprint measures 60" x 18" and is 26" deep Stand is 63" x 20" x 33" Canopy is 63" x 20" x 12.5" Hanging hardware used with...
  6. Selling Forums
    BIO-CUBE 32 Gal LED and stand bought in November set up in January Still looks like new. Asking 275 Or trade for 75 gallon tank and stand
  7. Selling Forums
    1- Reef Flo pump 1- 44gal Brute can with float installed for RO water line. Used for salt mixing only. 1- 20gal Brute can with float for RO top off water. 1- 48" Coral life lunar aqua lightT5 fixture. 1- 48" Reef Bright full spectrum white LED. 1- 48" Blue actinic Stunner strip LED. 1-...
  8. Selling Forums
    $120.00 OBO. Brand New Reef Tank Light! 48 inch Coralife Quad T5 HO Aquarium Light w/moonlight. Comes with four new 10K bulbs and two new 50K actinic bulbs. Unboxed for pictures. I went freshwater instead and this fixture is too bright-my loss is your gain! Pick up in Pinckney or Ann Arbor/Ypsi...
  9. Selling Forums
    Coralife 36 watt UV Sterilizer with extra bulb. $75 Enaly OZONE GENERATOR OZAC-PLUS 100 with probe. $100 Marco Rock about 150 lbs $125 Pan World NH200PS 1710 GPH $100 6' Bashsea Sump $100 Several fake corals PM me a phone number for pics.
  10. Selling Forums
    I have only used this for 3 months. I pulled it off tank to hook up apex and just never put it back on. 18watt bulb. Text for quicker response 810-931 0858
  11. Selling Forums
    Found a skimmer from a tank I no longer have in the basement. It's a Coralife Super Skimmer 65G. Everything works fine. I dropped the cup once and the neck cracked in half on it, but I epoxied it back together and the sealed the outside with silicone just to be safe. It has not had issues...
  12. Selling Forums
    155g bow front AGA WITH SUMP AND ATO, Cleaner shrimp, XL green singular tree, the best way to reach me 5863728845 for pics Cleaner shrimp $25 baby clown $15 a piece size of a dime 9 avab. Purple/green blastos with rock $100 neon green singular xl tree $120 green tounge coral xl $100 neon...
  13. Want to Buy
    Loking for 48Inch LED fixture for my son who has a tight (nonexistent) budget:) I appreciate ya looking. thanks!
  14. Selling Forums
    Zoa collection Close plz close thank you
  15. Selling Forums
    https://photos.app.goo.gl/OPg9eJhaw7AIQX7a2 Designed to remove unwanted free floating algae, parasites and bacteria Increased exposure to UV light from twist-flow design Mounting brackets included for hang on or in-line applications Indicator light lets you know when the sterilizer is operating...
  16. Want to Buy
    looking for a large size UV sterilizer call or text me 5863728845 cash or trade for corals LMK
  17. Selling Forums
    I have a coralife dual bulb t-5 light... brand new never used only turned on to make sure it worked $50
  18. Selling Forums
    See below for items available. I can send picture via text on request. 1. 48***8221; ATI T5 6 Bulb Dimmable Sunpower Fixture (Comes with 8 Bulbs) $350 SOLD 2. 48***8221; Current T5 4 Bulb Fixture. In rough shape, has rust and only 2 bulbs currently work (come with 4 ATI bulbs). The others work...
  19. Selling Forums
    Everything marked down to sell quick, pickup only. Here's a list of what I have to sell. Most of the equipment is from a tank I had set up 6 years ago. It's been in storage since. 48" Coralife (2) 65w actinic (2) 65w 10k - bulbs need replacing -$25 SOLD Aquactinics light with (2) 250 MH and...
  20. Announce Frag Meets & Swaps
    Equip for Sale at the frag meet I moved this to the selling forum where I believe it probably belonged. I would have deleted this post all together if I could figure out how :)
1-20 of 500 Results