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    Sold out. Have anemones, text 313-268-3195
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    Just a few corals up for grabs. Please text me to see more pics or if you have questions 586-87two-one928. I do not check my MR account to often. Thanks for looking CB Fire Magic Bounce - 350 BigR's Clown Car Monti - 120 Funky Green & Orange Mushroom - 50 lg chunk Space Invader Pectinia - 120...
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    forest fire digi - $10 gsp - $5 or free with purchase of other blue polyp digi - $10 Will trade for anything i dont have
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    I need to clear some space off my frag racks. Frags ranging from $10 to $40 all multiple polyps. Best way to get into contact is text: 734-658-7924. I can't remember all the names off the top of my head... Some include: blondies, jf star gazer, gorilla nipples, bam bams, utter chaos...
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    I have two 3" tall Neon Green Sinularia corals for sale. $25 each. One has GSP at the base and other has a green ricordea attached to it's base. Will text the photos on request.
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    I***8217;ve got a healthy sized 5/8***8221;, 2-months healed and encrusting Beach Bum Montipora- $250 sold Ultra encrusted 1***8221;+ JF Burnin***8217; Banana- multiple years old, never attached it to anything- $100 Also have cut to order: JF Snow Cap Monti- $75 WWC Tequila Sunrise Monti- $45...
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    I have Branching Green Hammer $7 Head Yellow Leather 6 Inch piece $60 Green Singulara 6 Inch piece Sold
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    XL Show size Neon Candy Cane at least size of a cantaloupe. Way too many heads (hundreds) to count. SOLD XL Show size Mummy Eye Chalice Over 6" diameter circle $200 XL Hollywood stunner Over 6" diameter circle $50 XL Miami Hurricane Chalice just under 6" diameter $75 If interested in pics...
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    3 more full-size corals for sale! (I posted a few last week and they went fast.) Prices below, or I am also looking for a bag of dry or live sand. #1. Brain coral + pulsing xenia colony on 4" rock ($20) #2. Finger leather 4" ($20) #3. Large green montipora on 12" rock ($40) ^ Clownfish...
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    I'm moving soon and I'd like to clear out some of my bigger corals. Prices below, or I can trade for some dry rock. 10" Green Montipora on rock ($40 or best offer) 6" Pulsing Xenia colony on rock ($10 - multiple available) Large frags ($5 each) Left to right: brown pocillopora, green...
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    Have some frags to sell and bring to the Lansing Swap. Some were cut a month ago and have been healing and growing, others were just fragged the other day. I'm generally interested in cash/paypal to have money to throw around at the swap but would consider SPS trade. (4) Small Sour Apple...
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    7" plus elephant ear mushroom. $50 Super neon green candy canes . $10 a regular head $15 each large head trades are a maybe if you have sweet shrooms or lps. Maybe a sweet nem
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    Sand Sifting Cucumber and Coral I have a sand sifting cucumber($25) and some corals for sale or trade. I have a red/orange monti frag($20), a one headed hammer frag($15), some gsp frags($15 for both), a large brown frogspawn($50), a frag of zoas that are orange and green($15), I have a small...
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    A few corals for sale.. 2" Blue Leptastrea $30 2" Orange Leptastrea $30 6" Favia $40 3" Meteor Shower on small flat rock $40 Approx. 10 small heads of Hammer $40
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    Hi I have a bunch of corals for sale or trade. I have a few frags... Pandora polyps, zoas with an orange center and green tentacles, a one headed candy cane, a reddish orange monti, a large brown frogspawn, two GSP frags, a small frag of cloves and a small frag of green tentacle blue tipped...
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    Xenia & Hard Corals for sale $5 - West Michigan Hard corals Purple cat's paw stylophora (3 available, large $10) Dark green pocillopora (2 available, small $5) Neon green/yellow montipora hybrid (3 available, small $5) Soft corals Orange ricordea cluster of 4 (1 available $10) sold Purple...
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    I have two frags of Neon Green Candy Cane Corals for sale. First frag (pictured) is 20+ heads and measures approx 4"x 2"- $50 obo Second frag is about 8 heads- $20 Text message is best way to get a hold of me 248-990-4483
1-17 of 203 Results