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  1. Selling Forums
    Regal 200 skimmer 5 months old $300 Gryphon diamond saw ran twice $300 Have lots of large coral pieces, cheap! Text 313-268-3195
    $123 USD
  2. Reef Discussion
    This concerns everyone here! Please read this, contact your senators, and share it everywhere. This bill has already passed the House and is going to the Senate next. https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2022/02/04/federal-legislation-threatens-pets-zoos-aquariums-and-biomedical-research/ The...
  3. Selling Forums
    Almost new( 3 months use), vectra M2 DC pump with controller. Will trade for nice anemones, euphylia, mushrooms.. 313-268-3195. Text
    $300 USD
  4. Selling Forums
    ORA Neon Green Birdsnest Coral - 15$ for large branch Green Star Polyps - 5$ per plate Frogspawn Hammer Coral - 50$ Call me at 6one4 seven0seven three5two6 location NoVi- 48377
  5. Selling Forums
    We have a JBJ Rimless Flat Panel 65 Gallon with JBJ Stand. Here is a link to the tank and stand RF-65. Everything is included, live rock, fish, corals, (2) AI Prime 16, (2) phosban reactors (one for charcoal and one for phosban. CADLights PLS-50 Elite II skimmer. WILL NOT SEPARATE, DON'T...
  6. Vendor Experiences
    Just want to say I don't recommend WWC (world wide corals). Other than the very high prices, for marginal product (at least what I received) they were supposed to include a promotional item with my order that they never included. When I called about it, they said it would be shipped 2 day...
  7. Selling Forums
    Rock with Nem, Few coral remnants $30
  8. Selling Forums
    Made some upgrades, clearing out extra stuff! -Orbit Marine 4ft LED light bar $30 -4 bulb 4ft Odyssea T5 HO light fixture with moonlights and integrated 2 channel controller with extra ballast and ATI bulbs. Light has been disassembled and wiring has been checked/fixed. $60 -RapidLED Onyx...
  9. Selling Forums
    update 2/1/21: Clearing out two of my frag tanks, have some nice stuff left and they need new homes! $10 Frags -Tricolor Valida -Spicy Lemon Favia -green birdsnest -Bird of paradise -sour apple birdnest -setosa -OG blue lagoon palys 1-2p -whammin watermelon zoas 3-5p -yellow dot mushrooms...
  10. Selling Forums
    Not selling yet
  11. Selling Forums
    I have a Biota Aptsia Eating FileFish I am selling for $40. I noticed that it nipped at an SPS of mine so just to be safe I am letting it go. It is not eating them all the time, I just saw it happen once and I do not want to risk it. I have not seen it nibble on any other corals including LPS...
  12. Selling Forums
    Just a few corals up for grabs. Please text me to see more pics or if you have questions 586-87two-one928. I do not check my MR account to often. Thanks for looking CB Fire Magic Bounce - 350 BigR's Clown Car Monti - 120 Funky Green & Orange Mushroom - 50 lg chunk Space Invader Pectinia - 120...
  13. Want to Buy
    Good Morning Fellow Reefers, After months of struggles it's finally time to start restocking our 125 gallon that crashed nearly a year ago when a return pump went bad and shocked the entire system causing almost complete loss of everything (one lone clownfish survived). With the...
  14. Selling Forums
    I finally got around to cutting some new pieces up. For fastest respond shoot me a text 810 nine 31 zero 858 Speckald krakota 75 Azz Krak 80 Gold branching hammers price listed on picture Blue tip hammers- 55 each- all have 2 heads full split branching Wwc red cap monti - 10 Gb avatar...
  15. Selling Forums
    Here's a few special ones I've got right now. All are on plugs. Updated 23-Apr. Selling quickly! Walt Disney (1 avail) $40 sm w/2 branches. Big R Walt Disney (1 avail) $15 small Text/call me at 81zero-8seven5-0001 as I don't check MR messages very often. I will send pics if you have...
  16. Lighting, Filtration and Other Equipment
    Just added some t5s to supplement my Radions, and would like to dial the PAR in. I know sunset corals has one for rent, anyone know of others? Thanks in Advance!
  17. Want to Buy
    Looking to buy some cheaper Euphyllia corals. Feel free to message me on here or by phone at 513-833-0323. Thanks! -Matt
1-18 of 500 Results