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  1. Selling Forums
    I recieved an extra Sea Cucumber from Live aquaria. They dont want me to ship it back, so if anyone wants to pick it up from me in Waterford, its still in the bag. First one here gets it. Text me at (2 six 9) 929 eight, 5, 2, nine.
  2. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for no smaller then a 30 and no bigger then a 50 gallon tank in good condition... hit me up, let me know what you may have near the Taylor area....
  3. Selling Forums
    Sand Sifting Cucumber and Coral I have a sand sifting cucumber($25) and some corals for sale or trade. I have a red/orange monti frag($20), a one headed hammer frag($15), some gsp frags($15 for both), a large brown frogspawn($50), a frag of zoas that are orange and green($15), I have a small...
  4. Hitchhikers and "ID Please"
    About 3" long, glassy eye- looks like fang teeth-
  5. Reef Discussion
    So I've been looking into getting a diamond goby or a couple sand sifting starfish, or possibly 15 nerite snails, or fighting tiger conches. New tank will enjoy cycling soon and I want to keep my sweet sand bed white. Let me know what you guys think?
  6. Selling Forums
    4in hippo tang $50 4in yellow tang $35 4in lawn mower blenny $15 7in black cucumber $10 All prices are OBO call/text 269-364-4607 for pictures or info I also have a couple corals left over
  7. Selling Forums
    Everything must go!!!prices reduced obo TANKS ARE DOWN. LOOKING TO SELL. TEXT ME WITH YOUR OFFERS FOR QUICK SALE. I am looking to get out as i am no longer able to take care of the tank as well as i would like too. My wife has also lost interest which makes it much harder as well. So i am...
  8. Reef Discussion
    Picked up a few CUC members the other day. Hair algae was starting to get out of control and I had started to see some bubble algae and red slime algae. I don't have the funds to pick up a complete custom clean up crew, so I tried to target some members that would at least help. Picked up 2...
  9. Other Invertebrates
    So I just saw my nudi let go and seem to swim or float in the current. I thought only spanish dancers did this. Fearing it would get sucked up I scooped him into a container and noticed he started to slime bad. Could something be wrong with him?
  10. New to the Hobby
    Hey all. I have a big thing of Xenia over in a far corner away from everything else to try and keep it isolated. I like the way it waves and flows and don't care to get rid of it although I'm sure many people will be tempted to tell me to do so b/c it grows like a weed. Anyhow, I noticed...
1-10 of 10 Results