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current nova extreme pro
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    Lights for a mixed reef tank needed ASAP. Metal Hallide, LED, T5, please let me know what you have and how much you would like for them as I have found myself in immediate need.
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    Made the jump to LED so selling my fixture. 6x54 watt Nova Extreme Pro. ATI bulbs have 9 months on them so a little life left but should be replaced soon 4 blue plus 1 purple plus 1 aqua marine special Wired with DIY moon lights. 12x1watt blue LED. Fixture not altered, just stuck on the side...
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    Hey All, I finally made the switch to LEDs. So now I have this fixture for sale. It's in good condition, no rust or anything . It has a small chip in the splash guard plastic. The built in metal support covers it 100%. It's black, and has white mounting legs (they don't make black replacements...
  4. Want to Buy
    I have a current nova extreme pro but no docking mounts I need them the docking mounts I need is 12" wide Sent from my HTC One V using Tapatalk 2
  5. Want to Buy
    Im looking for a clean gently used fixture T5 8 bulb preferably ATI or comp brand in sizes either 30" or 24" either will do. I can also trade with frags or partial and pay rest cash money. frags are mainly SPS. acro's digi's monti's seria's pollci's stylo's etc...
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    More lights that I have found cleaning out the basement. I Live in Bay City, Work in Frankenmuth. Willing to meet as far south as Flint and West to Mt Pleasant. Willing to ship at buyers expense. Please PM 20" Current Nova Extreme Pro 6 bulb 208W. Bulbs 3 months old. $175 OBO 24" Aquaticlife...
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    Part out prices: 85g Tank 48"x18x22 from aquarium warehouse 1yr old. $120 or ($150 with stand. 48x18" Oak Stand $100 Micro Algae Grow 1 Liter bottle, slightly used - $10 (2) 10 Gallon tanks - $8 each Large Green Sinularia on rock $100
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    F/S: Current Extreme Pro T5 HO 72" 12x 39w...$300 SOLD Already got my New LED's, therefore now I can sell my T5 lighting! T5 fixture brand: Current USA Model: Nova Extreme Pro T5 High Output 12 x 39w bulb fixture The fixture itself is less than 2 yrs, second owner purchase from a great MR...
1-8 of 8 Results